Four arrested over Nazi salute at refugee home

Four arrested over Nazi salute at refugee home
Photo: DPA
Four men were arrested in Berlin on Wednesday evening after they showed the Nazi salute (Hitlergruß) in front of an under-construction refugee home.

At around 10:15pm on Wednesday, the men approached the area in the Falkenberg suburb east of the city centre where an accommodation facility is being built out of shipping containers, Tagesspiegel reported.

Two security guards on duty at the site reported that the men started hurling racist insults at them before one of the men raised his arm in the gesture, which is forbidden under German laws against symbols of banned organizations and incitement to hatred.

Once the men had left, the guards reported the incident to the police, and the four men were picked up by a patrol car soon afterwards.

Alcohol tests showed that all four were drunk. The police released them after checking their identities and are investigating them for incitement to hatred.

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