Migrant wounded in German police shooting

Migrant wounded in German police shooting
Photo: DPA
A Guinean migrant who caused a brawl in a home for asylum seekers in Germany was shot and seriously wounded by police, local media reported.

The 23-year-old man had attacked another asylum seeker with a knife, injuring him slightly, according to German news agency DPA, citing a police spokesman.
A special police unit was sent to the scene to negotiate with the man who had barricaded himself on a floor of the building, where around 200 people were staying.
But the man, armed with two knives, jumped through a window and tried to escape. Police fired tear gas at him then shot him six times, according to local newspaper the Kolner Express.
DPA said the Guinean was seriously injured and taken to hospital, but is in a stable condition.
Germany receives a large proportion of migrants fleeing to Europe to escape poverty, war and persecution.
In 2015 the country is set to receive an estimated 500,000 asylum seekers, which would be a record, according to the German refugees office.