Pelicans with wanderlust escape German zoo

Pelicans with wanderlust escape German zoo
These feathered fugitives took flight from the zoo to get a birds-eye view of the world. Photo: DPA.
A pair of pelicans with a serious case of wanderlust flew the coop from Osnabrück Zoo last week, only to find their way back days later.

Two pink-backed pelicans apparently overcome with a deep desire to explore the outside world saw an opportunity to do just that last week.

They were allowed to fly freely around an African exhibit where they normally came to the regular feedings and rested in the antelope section. But about midway through the week, zookeepers could no longer find them, the zoo said on Tuesday.

The pair managed to travel 86 kilometres to a lake near Neinburg, where some campers found them and alerted police on Saturday.

The feathered fugitives are now back at the zoo and well-fed, but their outing did come with a price. Their wings have been clipped, according to the zoo, so that they can’t make another bird-brained adventure again.


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