As it happened: Queen's second day in Germany

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As it happened: Queen's second day in Germany
Queen Elizabeth II at a state dinner in Berlin on Wednesday evening. Photo: DPA

The Queen will spend the second day of her fifth state visit to Germany in the country's financial heart before heading back to Berlin for a very British garden party. Check back throughout the day for live updates.


18.51 - I secretly couldn't stop watching. I do wonder just how aware she is of who on earth all these people.

18.41 - Anyway, if there is anything more dull than a dinner party at an embassy it is surely watching people talk about it on TV. I will leave you with this from Spiegel. The Queens says to Merkel "Here's a few pounds. Buy yourself some nice clothes and a hat. And while you're at it, get a hair cut."

18.38 - Gauck has just arrived and the piper has struck up another tune.

18.37 - ARD don't seem so impressed with the English food on the menu. The presenter, after hearing the list decided she'd go for the sausage.

18.29 - That was just in time. Here is a picture of her car. I can confirm she is now in the building. And there were bagpipes in the background which always perks my spirits up.

18.25 - I've found a TV stream! But its ARD which has all the charisma of a communist party congress.

18.13 - On the subject of blue painting-gate, this has been doing the rounds. It reads 'German Art.'

18.18 - For some unfathomable reason German TV channels seem to think the Greek debt crisis is more important than this, so I have no access to live camera footage.

18.16 - Guests have gathered in the garden. This Tweeter is feeling sorry for the grass which he doesn't reckon will last long.

18.15 - The Queen is on her way.

18.11 - The British press gave the painting which Gauck gave the Queen a right slating. Now the artist has tried to defend it saying the colour was symbolic and added she was happy she made the Queen laugh. "That was my intention," she said. She was humble enough to admit that it probably won't appear in public any time soon.

18.04 - Here's another German complaining about the fact that they can't use their own roads for three days, only because of one little old woman. BOO!

18.00 - This impetuous commoner has had the temerity to suggest the Queen is only still fit because she's never done a day's work in her life. Well I never! After she had the grace to bring a bit of joy to your little lives for three days!

17.55 - Queen and Prince Phil are expected at about 6.35, sources close to the ambassador tell us. Those same sources can also reveal that the Queen will be received with a fanfare when she enters the garden. But first she'll have to small talk with some boring politicians in the library (my words not those of key inside source).

17.46 - Guests gathering outside the British embassy. Garden party to start in 15 mins

15.10 - Next on the agenda her birthday celebrations at the British ambassadorial residence in Berlin which should kick off at 5.30. On the menu Fish'n'Chips and lots of gin.

15.02 - The commentators on N24 are talking about how well she looks and how much she seems to be enjoying her tour. They don't seem to rate Charle's chances of crow-barring her off the throne any time soon.

15.01 - One young man in a fine pair of breeches told N24 that it 'took his breath away' when he saw her step onto the balcony.

15.00 - She's left the town hall and has made straight for her car. No time for chit-chat. Her plane flies in 30 mins.

14.56 - I think I've found the answer. Brits and Germans love each other, but aren't so sure about the rest of Europe.

14.50 - The Queen has finished her lunch in the Römer - the Frankfurt town hall - and she's stepped out onto the balcony and greeted the thousands of people waiting below.

12.51 - Yesterday an 11-year-old who saw her told me he thought she was overwhelmed. I can see what he means. That is quite a lot of attention that a lady of her age has to put up with, even if she's got a life time of practice. But she is coping well so far.

12:48 - Today she has gone for a darkish blue with turquoise trim - very nice.

12.43 - There are TV shots of a banquet hall. Can't come soon enough. I'm getting hungry.

12.41 - N24 just had a great interview with a boyfriend who's been carrying his girlfriend on his shoulders for the last hour. Was. Not. Happy.

12.40 - N24 still trying to come to terms with the lateness. Its like they've never met a British person before.

12.35 - The royal couple are chatting to well-dressed people at the St Paul's Church. Apparently the Queen chose this stop, wanting to see the birth place of German democracy. For more info see earlier post.

12.27 - She is just arriving, 20 minutes late and the German commentators are demanding inquiries and a full explanation.

12.15 - She is late again! N24 can't understand why. 2nd time in a row. If there's one country its not a good ídea to be late in, well I don't think we need to tell you which.

12.12 - Yep, we have proof she loves the Germans. we know because of the colour of her dress. Traitor! (Today she's wearing blue btw)

12.08 - Gauck is doing meet and greet with the masses, still can't see the Queen. But the convoy is the vicinity of St. Paul's Church in the town centre.

12.04 - I detect a bit more enthusiasm down south - maybe it's just the better weather.

11.59 - A speck of dust on the red carpet? well that certainly wouldn't do!

11.54 - She's out of the plane and on her way from the airport into town now, escorted by these bad boys.

11.49 - Missed this excellent tweet from 20 minutes ago. The German says 'The queen is already there.' hope to see a lot more of that during the day. Getting dressed up in women's clothing is what royal visits are all about really.

11.46 - Tweet from Frankfurt police from a few minutes ago confirming the Queen has landed.

11.43 - Weather outlook for Frankfurt for the day is supposed to improve. Overcast over lunch but sun and broken cloud in the afternoon with temperatures in the early twenties - so much more pleasant for spectators than Berlin's unseasonal chill yesterday.

11.37 - the Queen's plane is set to touch down in the next ten minutes at Frankfurt Airport. The red carpet has already been rolled out.

09.55 - unsurprisingly, BILD has nothing but good things to say about the Queen.

08.50 - Good morning, and welcome to our second day of live blogging the Queen's state visit.

It's a less packed programme than Her Maj' had on Wednesday in Berlin, when she met President Joachim Gauck and Chancellor Angela Merkel, took a boat ride down the Spree, laid a wreath at the Neue Wache memorial, heard a lecture at the Technical University and joined a dinner party with Gauck, Merkel, and Prime Minister David Cameron. Phew!

The Queen will arrive in Frankfurt just before midday by plane before being whisked straight to St Paul's Church.

The Church is an important symbol of parliamentary democracy in Germany, as by 1849 it was the home of the Frankfurt Parliament, the first freely-elected parliament for all of Germany created during the 1848 revolution – also the origin of Germany's current flag.

Frankfurt Am Main-Roemerberg 19-27 von Suedosten-20110307“ von Mylius - Eigenes Werk. Lizenziert unter GFDL 1.2 über Wikimedia Commons.

After that the monarch will be regaled with a lunch at the city hall, the Römer, with the minister-president of Hesse.

The Römer has stood as Frankfurt's city hall for more than six centuries and is steeped in history.

Roemerberg Panorama Juni 2009“ von Eva K. - Eva K.. Lizenziert unter GFDL 1.2 über Wikimedia Commons.

The square outside also offers the perfect opportunity for a meet-and-greet with the people of the financial capital of Germany.

The Queen will be out and about among the good people of Frankfurt between 3pm and 4pm, so get down to the Römerberg if you desperately need a royal selfie!

From there it's a quick flight back to Berlin for a magical garden party at the British Ambassador's residence in Grünewald with the great and good of the capital.


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