The glorious end of a 225-ton, 93-metre wind turbine

The glorious end of a 225-ton, 93-metre wind turbine
Photo: Weitblick-Lufttechnik Mair/Allgäuer Überlandwerk
A renewable energy company in the Bavarian Allgäu has been making space for new wind turbines as quickly as possible - by blowing up the old ones.

The video is just under 5 minutes long and shows the towers being blown up before collapsing in Bavarian fields.

Explosives expert Olaf Hoyer told Tagesspiegel that the controlled explosion went well.

Michael Lucke of the turbine operator Allgäuer Überlandwerk said that the turbines were “a total write-off” because no more spare parts were available for the eleven-year-old machines.

New, updated turbines will replace the ones destroyed in the video and will be able to generate twice as much power as the old ones.

Standing at 93-meters high with 73-meter diameter rotors and weighing in at 225 tonnes, the turbines' collapse makes for stunning viewing in footage captured by a drone.


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