Is the ‘Grexit’ something to drink to?

Is the 'Grexit' something to drink to?
This handout drawing made available on Friday shows the label for the new 'Grexit' lemon and vodka drink, about to hit the German market. Credit: Uwe Dahlhoff/AFP
A German company is about to launch a new alcoholic beverage, Grexit.

Has the threat of Greece crashing out of the eurozone soured your mood? Never mind, sip on your 'Grexit' vodka lemon, and things might not seem so bad anymore.

Or so thinks a company that is based in Germany.

The name of the alcoholic beverage is taken from a widely used term coined from combining the words “Greece” and “exit”.

And as the deadline for Athens to reform or default looms ever closer, so does the product launch date for 'Grexit'.

Banking on the possibility of a Greek debt default, creator Uwe Dalhoff registered the label in January.

“We are printing labels to release the liquor on the market in the next 10 days,” Dahloff told AFP.

The label shows Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis smiling and clinking little bottles of “Grexit”, as the stern, blue-tinted face of German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks on.

“Personally, I think a 'Grexit' could mark new start for Greeks who have lost the most” in this crisis, Dahloff said.