Judge jails father who abused kids for years

Judge jails father who abused kids for years
The entrance to the state court building in Hamburg. Photo: DPA
A judge ordered two Hamburg parents jailed on Tuesday after hearing how both were complicit in the abuse of their own children, including shooting pornography featuring their 13-year-old daughter.

“What happened here is a tragedy for the family. And it's particularly tragic that both parents are in the dock – that's very unusual,” the judge at the Hamburg state court said of parents Bianca J. And Jens H, the Hamburger Morgenpost reported.

“Children stick to their parents and don't want to lose them.”

Jens H. was sentenced to four and a half years' jail after the court heart that he abused his three-year-old son and his step-daughter for years.

A total of 11,300 pornographic files were found on his computer.

But because Jens had been seriously addicted to drugs and alcohol since he was a teenager, the court agreed that he should have diminished responsibility in the case.

He will spend at least two years in prison and undergo pschotherapy.

“I am endlessly sorry for what I've done to my family,” he told the court.

Bianca, meanwhile, showed no remorse for her actions throughout her court appearance.

She had allowed Jens to film her and her daughter naked in the summer of 2013, but says she doesn't remember any more of the events after he dosed her with a cocktail of drugs.

The judge didn't accept her version and handed her a suspended sentence of ten months.

“She knew exactly what she was doing and wasn't under the influence of sedatives,” the judge said.

A family court will now decide if Bianca J. can keep custody of her children.

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