Daredevil pensioner in reckless road rampage

Daredevil pensioner in reckless road rampage
Need for speed - not the man or vehicle in question. Photo: DPA
Police in Meschede, western Germany, were astonished when a car overtook them on the wrong side of a state road, only to discover that the dangerous driver was 76 years old.

The septuagenarian has had his license taken away after the incident that could have easily caused an accident.

According to police reports, the elderly driver went past a line of traffic by entering the bus lane, before trying to squeeze between the police vehicle and the roadside barrier in order to rejoin the correct lane.

The police officers driving along the state road in North Rhine Westphalia suddenly noticed the car on their right. The officer at the wheel was forced to break sharply and veer off to the left to avoid an accident.

Afterwards the daredevil pensioner continued undeterred on his rampage and overtook even more vehicles using the filter lane, the no access area and the lane of oncoming traffic with no apparent consideration for other road users.

The police set off in pursuit of the hazardous driver and managed to stop the vehicle in the nearest town. When he was finally pulled over, a motorcyclist also stopped and said he had almost been run over by the elderly motorist.

Police confiscated the 76 year-old's driver's licence. Despite his perilous use of the road, the pensioner was perplexed by the accusations of dangerous driving.

Police have brought charges him, and are asking for further witnesses to come forward.

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