Police investigate new Bundestag fire attack

Police investigate new Bundestag fire attack
The Paul-Löbe Haus of the Bundestag. Photo: DPA
Unknown attackers threw a Molotov cocktail at one of the Bundestag buildings in Berlin at around 2:30 am on Monday, but failed to set the offices ablaze.

Police told Der Spiegel that no damage was caused and that the security services were investigating the crime.

The attack apes a similar one on November 24th last year, when a Molotov cocktail was set alight next to the building.

After that attack, leaflets from a group calling itself the “German Resistance Movement” were found on the scene, warning of Germany's “shattering” and “balkanization” if it were to continue down the path of a “multicultural, multiethnic, multireligious and multi-historical” population.

There were also attacks on the Reichstag on September 28th and on the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party headquarters on August 25th.

Police said at the time that there were clues indicating a far-right political motivation for the latter attack.