Police find 104 rabbits in Stuttgart flat

Police in Stuttgart were in for a hopping surprise when they searched a flat on Tuesday and found it full to bursting with furry mammals.

Police find 104 rabbits in Stuttgart flat
Imagine ten times this many rabbits. Photo: Shutterstock

Entering a 48-year-old man's home on a search warrant related to a different case, they found 104 rabbits, two guinea pigs and two budgies, many of them living in transport boxes.

“This happens all the time with cats and dogs, but I've never heard of a case like this with someone hoarding rabbits,” a Stuttgart police spokesman told The Local.

The officers on the scene had to summon help from local vets, who carted the animals away to a shelter in two vans.

Police are now investigating why the man was keeping so many animals in his home – as well as his other case – and the authorities may bring legal action against him for mistreating the creatures.

In Germany, the maximum punishment for animal abuse is a €25,000 fine and confiscation of the animal, as well as a possible ban on keeping animals in the future.

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