Man calls police wanting a spot in prison

Man calls police wanting a spot in prison
File photo: Munich police arrested an Oktoberfest visitor. Photo: DPA
Bavarian police were surprised on Sunday when an anonymous caller rang the emergency number and asked for the quickest way to get into "the slammer".

The man told the astonished officer on the receiving end of the call that he had already been convicted of a crime but had appealed.

Now he had changed his mind and wanted to go straight to jail, he explained.

When the responder was unable to help him, he announced that he would drive straight to the next police station and cause a "racket", giving them a reason to arrest him.

Just a short while later the 35-year-old appeared at the police station in Krumbach insisting on being arrested.

But since he was behaving normally, an officer invited him in for a chat, after which he decided to go home, think it over, and talk with his lawyer.

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