Owner pays up on €10K dog rescue bill

Owner pays up on €10K dog rescue bill
Dog owner Almut B. and her lawyer in court on Wednesday. Photo: DPA
Almut B. took the Berlin fire service to court after they asked her for €13,000 for rescuing her terrier Skipper.

Skipper escaped into a badger sett in November 2012 after he was taken for a walk by one of Almut's friends in the Tegel area of north Berlin, the Berliner Morgenpost reported.

It took 40 firemen eight hours to dig several metres into the ground and find the missing dog.

Although the fire service warned that Almut would have to bear the costs of the rescue, she argued in court that the €13,000 bill they first sent was to much for the work.

She also said that she should not have to pay the full amount as it was her friend's fault, rather than her own, that Skipper got lost in the first place.

But she agreed to pay the lower amount of €10,000 after the judges warned that they would reach their own decision if she could not agree with the firemen.

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