Bavarian waiter breaks beer-carrying record

A German waiter broke the world beer-carrying record on Sunday by walking through a festival tent holding 27 beers.

Oliver Strümpfel carried 27 litres of beer in one-litre glasses known as a "Maß" for his record-breaking walk through a Bavarian beer tent.

The waiter trained for months in the gym before smashing the world record at the Gillemoos festival in the town of Abensberg, Bavaria.
He carried the 27 beers weighing 62 kg for 40 metres. 
Strümpfel later posted a video of his feat on Facebook
"It is no longer enough to just carry the mugs, but you have to support the training by going to the gym, especially in Winter when you don't get much time carrying the beer mugs," he told Reuters.
His successful record-breaking walk on Sunday marked the first beer-carrying championships, but Strümpfel said on Facebook he had been in competition since 2009 with another waiter who he went up against on Sunday, Thomas Seiwald. 
Strümpfel has been a waiter at the traditional beer festival for 17 years. 

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