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Top ten reasons to learn German

Top ten reasons to learn German
What do you mean you haven't read Marx's Das Kapital in the original? Photo: DPA
Live in Germany and never learned a word? No more excuses, here are ten good reasons why now is the perfect time to buckle up and knuckle down with the lingo of Marx and Goethe.

But when Spanish is simpler and more widespread, Russian is leagues ahead in mystery, and Italian more melodic and sun-drenched, why on earth should you bother?

Well, for one, Germany is Europe's powerhouse economy, and that alone should give cause for thought.   

Professionally, speaking German will open doors for you, quite apart from arming you with some astoundingly long words that will earn you instant respect.

If you live here, there are more than just monetary incentives to take the plunge. And apart from anything else, it's just not as hard as people make out.    

So, no excuses, there's no better time than now to start learning German. 

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