What do you love about Germany?

This week's Expat Dispatches is gathering a lengthy list of everything we love about Germany. Blogger and writer Liv Hambrett starts with her reasons why she loves the country.

What do you love about Germany?
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Why I love Germany


Excellently priced wine in the supermarket (you know, 3€ for a bottle)

A good slab of Brie for 2€

The entire, enormous dairy department of every supermarket

Road trips to cross Germany’s borders

Radio stations that aren’t afraid of adding 90s classics to their playlists

The big cities

The little towns

The bakeries

Kölsch (so fresh!)


Being able to drink all of those delicious beverages in public, whenever and wherever I want. Because I’m an adult, something Germany kindly remembers

The ubiquity of seriously good chocolate

How every weekend there is a festival of some sort to celebrate something

And how at every festival there are ten pommes stalls, ten sweets stores and 20 wurst stands

Spring, marvelous Spring, with its flowers and rapsfelds and Spargel and sweet, sweet promise of warmth

Summer strawberries

Daylight until 10.30pm in July

Clean public toilets (I’ll pay 70 cents for hygiene)

The choice and consequent cheapness of grocery stores

H&M delivery service

Kitsch homeware stores, Nanu Nana and Butlers

Buses that run on time

Medieval towns

History at every turn, under every rock, down every cobbled lane

The fierce pride in and protection of sub-cultures, dialects and traditions as produced by the twists and turns of this aforementioned history. (This can, however, get mildly irritating when ten people who live within 20km of each other refuse to be identified as belonging to the same region. Franconian people, I am looking at you.)

Kiel. Actually, the North in general

The Germans

And when they lie to me and say "du sprichst sehr gut Deutsch!"

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