Finders are keepers in Berlin cash hunt

A California millionaire, who became an internet phenomenon by hiding cash and tweeting hints about its location, is bringing the frenzy to Germany this weekend.

Finders are keepers in Berlin cash hunt
Money will be hidden around Berlin. Photo: @HiddenCash/Twitter

Berliners rifling through bushes and looking under benches this Sunday might not be looking for bottles but for cold, hard cash.

Jason Buzi, a real estate investor from San Francisco, has hidden money in envelopes, sugar packets and candy containers. Sometimes dollar notes are literally dangling from trees.

Hundreds have joined scavenger hunts in California, New York and now the treasure hunt is coming to Berlin.

This Sunday, Berliners could find a little something as long as they follow @hiddencash on Twitter where Buzi will start posting clues.

In the past, some of his tweets have been very specific, directing followers to a certain building on a beach. On another occasion, Buzi only tweeted a Google Maps screenshot and the photo of a forest track.

"I'll be distributing between €1,000 and €1,500" in envelopes containing €50 to €100, he told Berlin's BZ newspaper.

'Not about the money'

Buzi, who hides the money with help from friends, will not be in Berlin himself.

"I have a good friend who I trust 100 percent. He will be hiding the money for me in a suitable place," he said. BZ said that could be in Kreuzberg district's Viktoriapark.

But why hide the money instead of donating to charitable organisations?

"It's not about the money. It's about bringing people together for a fun activity and connecting social media with real life," Buzi tweeted on Wednesday.

And he told BZ: "It is so much better for me when I can see how my donations change the lives of others. Some of them say thank you with photos or write to me:"

After this weekend, some of those messages could include a heartfelt "Dankeschön."

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