Ten ways you know it’s spring in Germany

Crocuses and daffodils have popped up to add colour to lawns, work finishes before the skies darken for the night - spring can be felt across Europe. Germans do this - as they do many things - a little differently. Here are ten ways how.

Ten ways you know it's spring in Germany
Photo: DPA

Don't stroll the streets humming Springtime for Hitler – it's really not necessary. The Germans know winter has finished – they're busy with the myriad of specific traditions and habits that mark the transition to spring here.

A walk down an average German road over the next few weeks will take you past a determined man quietly changing the tyres on his car, while the pavement in front of the ice cream parlour will be crowded with people in coats and sunglasses earnestly relaxing.

Supermarket workers shuffle the shelves around, Easter eggs vie for room with the more traditionally Teutonic treats of crazy teas and sauerkraut juice for health cleanses, and the acres of space which will soon be needed for asparagus.

Take a browse through our list of ten ways you know it's spring in Germany (apart from the official start on Thursday) – see if you can spot them all over the coming weeks.

Ten ways you know it's spring in Germany

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