Cow injures two in escape from abattoir

Cow injures two in escape from abattoir
A cow, enjoying freedom. Photo: DPA
A cow injured two men in central Germany on Wednesday while making a break for freedom from an abattoir. One of the victims was so badly hurt he had to go to hospital.

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A farmer in Hesse planned to take the eight-year-old cow to slaughter. But as he was unloading her from the truck, she bolted, injuring the 66-year-old driver on her way out.

The animal raced about 500 metres away from the abattoir at Tann near Fulda at around 10am, eventually coming across two brothers who were walking down the road carrying tools.

One of the men, a 53-year-old who was holding a chainsaw, locked eyes with the cow before it charged at him and forced the man between two logs which left him seriously injured.

He was taken to hospital for treatment, police said in a statement.

After leaving the man wedged between the two logs, the runaway cow continued down the road before eventually turning into a meadow where she found another herd of cows.

Unfortunately, her sudden arrival did not go unnoticed and she was eventually shot by a hunter leader who was responsible for the area. 

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