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‘Learning German gets you closer to people’

'Learning German gets you closer to people'
Anupama Gopalakrishna. Photo: Submitted
In this week's My German Career, Anupama Gopalakrishna, who is originally from Bangalore in India, tells The Local about her new life in Frankfurt.

Where are you located and what do you do?

I am located in Frankfurt and I work in a large pharmaceutical company in Darmstadt.

What brought you to Germany and how long have you been here?

I arrived in Frankfurt in June 2013 after my husband was offered a job here.

How did you land your job and do you have tips for anyone seeking similar work?

I joined German classes and made contacts, both online and also personally. Then I got some tips on good job sites and started applying. I got the first interview call in November and I got selected.

I would say the first step is to learn the language. It gives you more confidence and gets you closer to people.

Is it important for you to be able to speak German in your position?

In my current role speaking German is not a requirement as the official language is English, however, I will continue to learn German. It helps in day-to-day conversations and building rapport with colleagues and friends.

What are the best and worst parts about working in Germany?

The best part is that it is safe, predictable and that the people are friendly. But I feel the shops should be open on Sundays and also there should be more frequent direct non-stop express trains from Frankfurt to Darmstadt (this is out of my own personal interest!).

Do you plan on staying?

For now we plan on staying for between two to three years, but we don't know. If all goes well, we might stay for longer.

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