Beer tunnel causes pavement collapse

A pensioner nearly found himself in over his head in Munich on Friday after the ground opened up under his feet, revealing a six-metre shaft beneath the streets thought to belong to an old brewery.

Beer tunnel causes pavement collapse
The tunnel is believed to be connected to a brewery. Photo: DPA

The 62-year-old pedestrian was walking home on Friday evening when two paving stones came away from underneath him to reveal a six-metre drop below.

First estimates reported the hole was 15 metres deep, but experts later confirmed that the shaft was six metres and 70 x 80 centimetres wide.

The man tripped and cut his leg open after falling into the hole, but escaped further injury.  

Firefighters closed up the opening with concrete and investigated the area to ensure there were no further dangers. The shaft was discovered metres from a house and opposite tram lines.

The origins of the hole remain unknown, but there have been suggestions that the tunnel might once have ventilated a brewer’s cellar, used for producing Munich's famous beer.  

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