Where your TV licence fee goes

Since January, German households have had to pay a monthly broadcasting license fee of €17.98, regardless of whether they own a television or radio. Now public broadcasters ARD and ZDF have revealed where that money goes.

Where your TV licence fee goes
Photo: DPA

ARD gets €12.81 of the fee from each household, while ZDF gets €4.37, Deutschland Radio €0.46 and other outlets €0.34.

Fans of Germany's flagship detective show, Tatort will be pleased to know that 15 cents of their monthly contribution goes towards producing their Sunday night staple.

ARD's big-name talk show hosts, Jausch, Plasberg and Maischberger get 10 cents for their programmes from every household while the Tagesschau and Tagesthemen daily news shows get 26 cents.

Not owning a television or radio no longer entitles you to an exemption from the fee.

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