State leader sends Merkel error-packed note

State leader sends Merkel error-packed note
Embarrassed: Rhineland-Palatinate state premier Malu Dreyer. Photo:DPA
The office of the state premier of Rhineland-Palatinate has apologized after a worker sent a letter full of grammatical mistakes to Chancellor Angela Merkel on behalf of their boss.

Angela Merkel may have raised her eyebrows when she received a letter from Rhineland-Palatinate state premier Malu Dreyer packed with no less than six grammatical errors, wrote the Welt newspaper on Wednesday.

The embarrassing letter, which calls on Merkel to hold a meeting of state and federal leaders to discuss the NSA spying scandal, was sent on Dreyer’s behalf to the Chancellor by her office.

“We’re sorry that this incorrect draft of the letter to the Chancellor was sent out,” said regional government spokeswoman Monika Fuhr. “It was an office error,” she said, adding that the office had apologized to Merkel’s people.

The letter, published in full by the Welt newspaper, contains incorrect endings on German words, an incorrect verb form, missing letters and commas.

Such mistakes in communications between high-ranking politicians were unacceptable, said Fuhr, but she added, “unfortunately mistakes happen.”

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