Half of Germans have ‘never pulled a sicky’

Half of Germans have 'never pulled a sicky'
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Half of Germans have never pulled a sicky, figures released on Sunday revealed. But there was a big difference between different parts of the country, with Berliners cheating their bosses by skipping the most work days.

On average employees in the former eastern states skive off work less than their counterparts in the west. Fourty four percent of easterners said they had never phoned in sick when they weren’t, compared with 53.4 percent of those in the west.

For the half of Germany that did admit to falsely calling in sick, 36 percent said that the last time they had done it was over a year ago.

Klaus Hilbinger, who headed the research for GfK research institute, said: “The study shows that Germany in all its regions and demographic groups is not a land of skivers. There are few skivers around here.”

Berlin had the highest number of people pulling a sicky, with 64 percent of workers saying they were guilty. In the state of Brandenburg which surrounds Berlin just 25 percent of employees had done so.

Age also played a role – the older the employee the less likely it was that they would skive – 49.5 percent of 50 to 59 year olds told the GfK research institute that they had never done it. While in the 20 – 29 age bracket, 74.1 percent admitted to having given themselves the day off.

There was also a difference between women and men, with more women – 54.4 percent – compared to 42 percent of men, saying they had never falsely phoned in sick.

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