Germans ‘value wedding rings like CD collections’

Germans 'value wedding rings like CD collections'
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Germans seem to be surprisingly unsentimental about their wedding rings - only about one in ten are sad when their bands of gold are stolen during a break-in - the same share as those who are sad when their CD collection is taken.

A survey commissioned by insurer Gothaer Versicherung, and conducted by the society for consumer research GfK showed that just 12.4 percent said they would be very sad if their wedding ring was stolen.

This was the same share as those who would be miserable to lose their CD collection, the Welt newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The most precious loss was personal photographs, with 51.1 percent of people citing these as the thing they would least like to see taken away in a swag bag.

But the second most valued thing that could be stolen during a break-in was the easiest to replace – cash was said by 42.7 percent of people as the thing they would miss most.

Men and women were similarly concerned about stolen photographs and cash, while women were more worried about losing jewellery and men were more focussed on stereos and televisions.

The survey also showed that younger people were more worried about losing their smartphones, while elderly people were more concerned about photographs.

Last year there were 140,000 break-ins in Germany, a rise of around 10,000 over the previous year.

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