Dortmund set for record sales and profits

Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund are set to announce record sales of more than €250 million on Thursday.

Dortmund set for record sales and profits
Photo: DPA

Their annual financial report will announce both record sales and record profits, German football magazine Kicker reported.

The club’s coffers have been boosted by a Champions League run which took them to the final and the sale of star player Mario Götze to Bayern Munich for €37 million.

Last year, Dortmund posted sales of €215.2 million and a net profit of €34.3 million.

The biggest single source of revenue came from Dortmund reaching May’s

Champions League final, when they lost 2-1 to Bayern Munich at Wembley, which brought in €54 million.

Borussia also received €12 million euros for their six home games in the competition.

As the Bundesliga’s only publicly traded club on the German stock market, the Borussia Dortmund company paid shareholders a dividend for the first time last year of six cents per share.


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Beer sherpa: Dortmund fans offer free tickets ‘forever’ in return for beer-carrying duties

A group of Dortmund fans have advertised online for a ‘beer sherpa’ to bring them fresh beers while they watch from the club’s famous Yellow Wall. The successful applicant will receive free tickets to every match in return.

Beer sherpa: Dortmund fans offer free tickets 'forever' in return for beer-carrying duties
Photo: DPA

Getting another round of beers while keeping an eye on the action at Germany’s biggest football stadium can be tough. The remedy? A professional ‘beer sherpa’ to ensure you never run dry. 

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A group of fans from Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund fans advertised the position of a professional beer carrier at the stadium’s famous southern stand (Südtribune). 

“You always wanted to watch Dortmund but you never get a ticket? No problem! We’ll get you a ticket for every game – forever!”

The sherpa is required to head to the bar “four or five times a game” to bring a new round, at the expense of the fans of course.

Each round should consist of eight beers, otherwise known as a “man’s purse” – as the cardboard trays used to carry beer are known. 

'Everything you've always dreamed of'

Besides a highly sought-after ticket to every game – the Westfalenstadion is the biggest constantly sold out stadium in Europe – the successful applicant will also have beers paid for, as well as the opportunity to engage in some serious-level football fandom. 

“You can watch the game with us from the south stand, you can cheer on Borussia, you can listen to our substantive discussions, you can throw one back with us. Everything you want and you've always dreamed of. “

The ad was originally posted on eBay classifieds in Germany on Monday and has unsurprisingly attracted overwhelming attention. 

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Writing on eBay, the football fans said they needed to develop an effective and fair vetting process to ensure the best candidate won. 

“You are insane!” they said. 

“There have been so many fans who would like to have a beer in the stadium with us that we now have to sit down with a round of pilsettes (beers) and figure out how we can work through the whole process fairly, transparently and smoothly.”

For anyone who is interested, the position is still open – although any budding beer sherpas will have to be quick. 

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