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New in German cinemas: ‘The Lone Ranger’

New in German cinemas: ‘The Lone Ranger’
Photo: DPA
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America’s favorite outlaws are back, brought to you by action movie mastermind, Jerry Bruckheimer. Based on the radio series of the same name, The Lone Ranger follows a former Texas Ranger, John Reid, and his Native American sidekick Tonto as they set out to punish the corrupt and bring justice to the Wild West. With Johnny Depp as Tonto and dashing up-and-comer Armie Hammer as the masked Ranger, the film offers plenty of nice things to look it. Oh, and did we mention all the thrilling chase scenes, train crashes, explosions, gun fights, bar brawls and more? A high-octane, rip-roaring, wild western co-produced by Disney for exciting fun the whole family can enjoy.

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