Sixt's sexy car PR trick backfires

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Sixt's sexy car PR trick backfires
Photo: Sixt/Facebook
14:19 CEST+02:00
A car rental service known for whacky marketing gimmicks has drawn scorn on Facebook for a PR gag involving naked models and a convertible.

Vehicle rental company Sixt caused a car crash on Facebook last week after its latest PR gimmick backfired, wrote the Bild tabloid on Monday.

The firm posted a picture of two apparently naked young models standing in front of a convertible car, their modesty preserved only by a cardboard sign reading “for 1,000,000 Likes we'll drive topless through Hamburg this Sunday!”

But the trick didn't work – despite getting almost 10,000 likes, the post also attracted nearly 1,000 comments pointing out that the “topless” promise was referring to the car, not the models.

And with it came some really scathing remarks, with several users just writing "Fail." “Boooooooring convertible(!) advert,” wrote one user. “Pathetic. Just hiding behind marketing, like always,” added another.

Others took issue with the tone: "Isn't that prostitution? I mean, whether you strip for money or for Likes ... there's not much difference."

The company will have to come up with something really innovative to come back from this one, wrote a further user: “Tell me, weren't you guys the ones who used to do good advertising?!”

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