Storms to replace heat wave by Thursday

Germany might be in the throws of a flash heat wave, but don't ditch jumpers and socks just yet - storms, hail and heavy rain are on their way, national weather service the DWD said on Tuesday.

Storms to replace heat wave by Thursday
Photo: DPA

“The heat wave will leave as quickly as it arrived,” said DWD meteorologist Marcus Meyer, adding that, “a cold front will be back to pester us” by Thursday.

Tuesday afternoon will see people across the whole country basking in temperatures way over 30C. In the north it could be a little cloudy but everywhere else will see pure blue skies. In the south and south west, it could even reach 38C. Along the coast it will, as is normal, be slightly cooler with highs of 25C.

As night falls, hillier parts of the country could hear the odd roll of thunder, but this should pass as the small hours arrive. The north will stay slightly cloudy and some places, might get some light rain. Lows of between 21C and 16C should make for a balmy night.

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Wednesday will be sunny everywhere in the morning but towards the afternoon central and western regions could see some clouds building. This will, for those regions, signal the end of the current hot snap as they will bring heavy rain and even the odd hailstorm. Yet highs could match the previous day at between 30C and 38C – even in rainy places.

Storms will rumble into Wednesday night, spreading into parts of the north and south from central states. In the far south and east it should stay clear and everywhere should see lows between 17C and 22C. Only around the Alps will it be a little cooler.

Thursday will be lively despite a calm start. The north west will be hit by the storms first, before they spread to the middle of the country. Strong winds, hail, very heavy rain should all be expected – except in the east and in Bavaria. Temperatures will stay warm, between 30C and 37C, except in the west where it will be more around 27C.

During Thursday night storms will spread all the way east, pushing temperatures down to as low as 12C in more rural areas.

Friday will be cloudy almost everywhere except for the furthest eastern areas. The whole country should prepare for a showery day and in the north these could develop into thunderstorms. Highs will drop to between 20C and 29C, signalling the end of the heat wave.

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Weather: Germany sees extreme heat and storms

An extreme heat warning was in place for eastern Germany on Monday, while storms were also set to hit the country.

Weather: Germany sees extreme heat and storms

The German Weather Service (DWD) said temperatures could reach 36C on Monday. 

In the morning, the DWD issued an extreme heat warning for eastern regions, as shown below in the map. 

Map of Germany shows the heat warning in the east on Monday June 27th.

Photo: German Weather Service (DWD)

Forecasters said later on Monday, the south and east of the country would be hit by thunderstorms as well as large hailstones, strong winds and heavy rain.

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In the north, west and centre of Germany, forecasters predicted clouds and some showers. Over the course of Monday, heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain, hailstones and strong winds are also possible in the north.

“Thunderstorms have occurred in the past few days and will continue in the coming days, as the established weather situation will remain virtually unchanged,” said a spokesperson from the DWD. 

However, the large temperature differences are striking: in the west of Germany, the mercury will only reach just above 20C in places.

Overnight to Tuesday, the DWD predicts thunderstorms – some of them heavy – from the Baltic Sea to the Alps, and later there is set to be more showers. It could still reach 28C in some places, especially in the east.

The DWD said: “The risk of thunderstorms will remain in the southern half of the country, while the northern half will calm down after the last thunderstorms have moved to Poland.

“This will change again on Wednesday night, when showers and thunderstorms, some of them thundery, as well as heavy rain will make their way north. On Wednesday, it will be quite unsettled with muggy temperatures almost all over the country.”

Forecasters said the weather will remain changeable for the rest of the week, but it should become more settled from next weekend.