Bavarian gives random kid wife’s alimony

Bavarian gives random kid wife's alimony
Photo: DPA
A man in the small southern German town of Straubing gave a school boy outside a bank €185 in cash, because he didn't feel like paying his ex-wife the money.

The boy later took the money to the police, telling them he had been standing outside the bank with a friend when the man came up to him, handed him a bundle of notes, and said, “You can keep that money,” in a Bavarian accent. The man then wandered off.

The boy said he had gone to the police because he had assumed the money was forged, but police on Saturday said there was no evidence of any crime, “so the pupil is €185 better off for now.”

The local Straubinger Tagblatt newspaper reported that the man was a 49-year-old local who had already given away around €1,000 as a result of alimony rows with his ex-wife.

He said he would rather give the money to strangers than let his ex-wife have it, the paper reported.

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