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New in German cinemas: ‘Take This Waltz’

New in German cinemas: ‘Take This Waltz’
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In Take This Waltz, Michelle Williams plays Margot, a married woman who feels an instant attraction to Daniel (Luke Kirby), an artist she meets while on a business trip. When she discovers that the artist is actually her neighbour, whom she begins to see on a regular basis, Margot is forced to confront her feelings for her husband of five years, Lou (Seth Rogen).

As Margot and Daniel become closer, stealing moments away together over the course of a summer, their intense attraction is only heightened by Margot’s restraint. Margot becomes torn between a life full of routine and comfort or one full of passion. Take This Waltz is an honest story of love and relationships that raises the question of what it means to be happy.

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