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Zoophiles protest against German bestiality ban

The Local · 1 Feb 2013, 16:50

Published: 01 Feb 2013 16:50 GMT+01:00

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Michael Kiok and his partner Cissy have been in a caring relationship for the past seven years, which would be unremarkable if not for the fact that Cissy is a dog.

Angry that Germany wants to criminalize his unusual love affair, Kiok joined other zoophiles at Berlin's Potsdamer Platz on Friday to protest against new legislation banning bestiality.

“I found her advertised in a newspaper after my old dog passed away,” Kiok told The Local, saying the new law was unfair. “We feel like criminals. This is all because of fanatical animal rights demonstrators who think we hurt the animals.”

Late last year, Germany's lower house of parliament made having sex with animals a criminal offence carrying a fine of up to €25,000. The upper house, the Bundesrat, signed off on the measures on Friday, as part of a package of measures aimed at bolstering animal protection.

“We are going to appeal to the highest court,” said Kiok, whose hat was covered in Cissy's hair.

From pack member to partner

He said the all-male group gathered at the protest were all in mutually beneficial relationships with their significant, furry, others and were not – as commonly thought – deviant animal abusers.

Behind Kiok, a female dalmatian nuzzled the lap of a young man as he smiled for photos and answered questions about his lifestyle. His red anorak marked him as a member of ZETA, or Zoophiles Engaging for Tolerance and Enlightenment, a German group lobbying for more acceptance of human-animal relations.

The leaflet the organization put together for the protest says that “animals, which have been domesticated by humans for years, see people as pack members – the step from that to sexual partner is not large.”

Kiok said he could not see how he was committing a crime, if an animal is big enough to protect itself from human sexual advances yet still submits willingly. For him it's love, but in a different package. Despite a few early problems with Kiok's many cats, Cissy soon became part of the family and they have been inseparable ever since.

Fellow protestor Oliver Bordinski was convinced that the German government had made up damning statistics to pursue its anti-bestiality agenda.

“This has all come from propaganda,” he said. “500,000 animals apparently die from sexual abuse each year, which is complete nonsense.”

He said moralists had a distorted image of all zoophiles violently abusing animals with sex toys. “These are the worst lies,” he said.

Kiok nodded beside him, clutching a bundle of leaflets on bestiality. On the front is an attractive woman nose to nose with a dog. Neither of them were at the protest.

Loving animals

“We love animals,” it reads. “We reject any kind of force, violence and abuse and it hurts our souls to see animals suffer.” And this is what ZETA seems so desperate to convey: “We are pro-animal rights but we are being discriminated nevertheless.”

“We cannot do anything about being zoophiles, and so are trying handling our inclinations responsibly,” it concludes.

Bordinski cited societal prejudice as the reason behind the government’s decision.

“We are a minority which is being discriminated and we are going to take this to the courts,” he said, adding he will not be made into a criminal for loving his dog.

Another protestor's dog barked for half an hour at a group of actors brought in by ZETA to garner the group some attention. One, dressed in black robes and wig ran around bemused onlookers, waving chunks of raw meat on the bone.

With bits of fat in his hair and a fake red nose, what he and a woman dressed as a granny eating a fake rabbit were trying to illustrate was not immediately clear but they did draw a crowd.

Sexual hysteria?

On Thursday night, there was a screening of a bestiality documentary “Coming Soon” in Berlin. It was followed by a discussion on leading a zoophilic lifestyle.

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“I was there but interestingly none of the animal rights activists showed up,” said a smirking Kiok.

“There's one now,” he said, pointing to a woman in an orange neon vest with “animal rights” printed across it. She didn't approach the men, preferring to hand out her own pamphlets to snickering passers-by.

Although not zoophiles themselves, the production company behind the movie believes the issue isn't as black-and-white as many people think.

“Banning it means that millions of people in Germany are criminalized,” a spokesman from the company told The Local earlier this week. That alone, he said, should make people think about what is or is not a crime.

“It isn't loving animals which is making people freak out,” he said. “It's sexual hysteria.”

Jessica Ware



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17:36 February 1, 2013 by rutledm
¦quot;Banning it means that millions of people in Germany are criminalized,¦quot;....

Millions?.....Please say it ain't so, I sincerely doubt that number, there might be a million sick twisted puppies around the world but in Germany alone? God I hope there aren't millions of Germans bedding down with Axel every night.
17:39 February 1, 2013 by yllusion
Heh.. these sick people may choose who or what they want to have "sex" with, but I'm sure the animals don't quite express the opinion on the matter. Yes, these people are sick, in the full sense of the word, because a healthy person, physically, mentally and psychologically, will definitely want to have real consentual sex with a real person. There isn't anything about love on what they defend. Their love is a misconception, they need in fact treatment for their psychological problems and deviant behaviour.
17:44 February 1, 2013 by misschrissy
I thought I had seen and heard it all in Berlin. Obviously, I thought wrong.

I. am. speechless.
18:56 February 1, 2013 by raandy
. ¦quot;We feel like criminals" are they serious? these sick people. Is this the moral decadence and debaucheries in our society that we are now inundated with.

Human race, lost cause.
19:01 February 1, 2013 by Louie
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
19:17 February 1, 2013 by realist1961
after the interview, i wonder if jessica ware went home and took a shower
19:19 February 1, 2013 by Englishted
I seem to have found a way to detect what I dislike in Germany ,it must only have 4 letters in capital form ,for example above : ZETA and the other well known one GEMA.
20:39 February 1, 2013 by Englishted

It was made legal in the 60's along time after you know who.

Plus "These sick individuals need to be exterminated." would put you dead in line with his thinking.
22:00 February 1, 2013 by Redwing
@Louie, I don't know which country you hail from, but I doubt that things are any different there. Human perversions are universal, and it seems to me that the male of the specie is more afflicted than the female. Hence there were no women protesters. Like rutledm I question the claim that "millions of people in Germany will be criminalized". And how can Oliver Bordinski be so sure that no sex toys are being used?

I have nothing against male or female homosexuality - it involves people making decisions for themselves, but I am totally against having sex ON animals. Are dogs, goats, sheep or whatever really consenting partners and show sexual pleasure? I think not. It is rape, pure and simple.
22:44 February 1, 2013 by Landmine
This I believe would be a worthwhile endeavour for GEMA to take up in defense of the animals instead of the BS they do now....
01:54 February 2, 2013 by gorongoza
Welcome to Germany ....... and intergrate !
09:54 February 2, 2013 by ovalle3.14
I wonder how they are planning to catch violators... midnight farm inspections?
10:33 February 2, 2013 by freechoice
what happens if the animals become pregnant?

who will pay for half man half dog child support?
12:33 February 2, 2013 by Louie
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
12:46 February 2, 2013 by Norodia1
this is disgustintg, these people are sick. They should be put in a cellar- never allowing to even touch animals.
13:55 February 2, 2013 by Vargaz
Love who you want but Bestiality should be restricted to a few species - Raptors, Grizzly bears, Tigers, Nile Crocodiles, and/or Porcupines.
17:54 February 2, 2013 by Opeth_fan
Well its animal abuse no question.
20:27 February 2, 2013 by Outlander
I will never be able to watch Komissar Rex the same way again...
00:42 February 3, 2013 by GuidoGoth
This world is so strange anyway, that this issue is not that important i think.
01:13 February 3, 2013 by Bigfoot76
Despite those silly dogs that try to hump your leg, the normal rules still apply....

Pets are for petting not poking!!!!
02:32 February 3, 2013 by DSims
I don't know that much about how Germany functions. All I know about Germany is what I was taught in world history class. I just do not understand how Germany can go from extreme right wing back in the 30's and 40's to bonking animals... They certainly did not teach me this in history class. I missed that lesson. Somebody from Germany help me out here. Please.
05:48 February 3, 2013 by Tanilion
What's making me sad are all the negative comments I'm reading here based upon ignorance of animal behavior and intelligence, as well as base gut feelings - most of which are likely a result of the poster's upbringing, the common public opinions of the society in which the poster was raised, and the fact that the negative is far more likely to be reported on than the positive (thus leading to people only hearing about the true psychopaths that actually abuse animals, and not the tens of millions of people around the world who actually have caring relationships with their animals).

People who are legitimate zoophiles are not sick, nor are they twisted, and they are most certainly not raping and abusing animals. And yes, the number of actual zoophiles is quite large. Assuming a lower than likely percentage of only 1.43% of the people on this planet being zoophiles (which is an orientation, not a choice just to clarify), that's still more than 100,000,000 people. The numbers as far as can be estimated right now (and that's still likely lower than the real total) are around 4-5% (the numbers vary from source to source and study to study, but they tend to average out around there). Of those, a much smaller number are actually able to have the relationships that they desire with animals due to safety concerns (with laws as well as ignorant people such as those who have posted previous to me), lack of funds, lack of appropriate living conditions (living in an apartment where pets aren't allowed for example), and various other reasons.

And then of course there is the matter of 'freechoice' commenting/asking "what happens if the animals become pregnant? who will pay for half man half dog child support?"

I sincerely hope not all of you are this ignorant of the laws of nature. Because if you aren't, then it means there might potentially be hope for you to understand that the people on your side are on your side because they don't know what they're talking about. Humans cannot impregnate nor be impregnated by non-human animals. The last non-human that we could interbreed with was the Neanderthal, which went extinct approximately 20,000 years ago. The rest of the non-humans on Earth are too far apart from us genetically for even stillborn or sterile results.

So to conclude, I would like to suggest that anyone having negative opinions on the subject without having done thorough research into it first, do that research before commenting. If you can provide a researched and intelligent reason why sex with animals is wrong and/or abuse in all situations, I would love to read it (and I would also be quite amazed that you actually managed to do so). If not, you simply prove my point that there is nothing wrong with a loving and consensual relationship between a human and an animal wherein there is no harm done to either party.
11:51 February 3, 2013 by trevzns
Zoophiles protest against German bestiality ban:

And the original Hamitic curse must be in chaos.
18:36 February 3, 2013 by royp
Come on this must be a joke? this is the problem with the internet before these people would be in isolation and shame now they form a pressure group. This is a joke, if there are truly people with this sickness they need our help, therapy and drugs, what crazies, just lock these weirdoes up and throw away the keys.

But, come on these protestors, were probably doing this as a bizarre ironic joke
00:00 February 4, 2013 by Bigfoot76
It seems society is shaping into a very simple pattern for Sex. If it has a place to put something in, put it in. If it has something sticking out then put it in something. Soon people will be having relations with lamps, tree branches, fencing, misc. auto parts, playground equipment. Actually I think most of that already goes on.
05:37 February 4, 2013 by RainerL
Millions? Propaganda for who ever wrote this. It's not even factual. I have a firm believe that the majority of People are not SICK and TWISTED. How ever" Obviously there are a few too many these days considering many are on Drugs and being exploited for the Internet Movies.

Sad sick society indeed. Nothing nromal no more. Women getting it of with women and Men getting it off with men. Do not dare anyone tell me that it is normal. The facts remain > it is not normal or acceptable behaviour. Period!!
07:23 February 4, 2013 by Tanilion
I've been seeing people contesting the claim that there are millions of zoophiles in Germany, and I only discussed the numbers worldwide for a minimum estimated value.

So I shall now give you some easily looked up numbers from online.

Germany, Population - 81,726,000 (2011)

According to the Kinsey Report: 8 percent of men and 3.6 percent of women have had at least one sexual experience with an animal during their lifetime.

For Rural areas the numbers were reported as being significantly higher, approximately 45 percent of men reporting that they have had sexual experiences with animals.

And it should be noted that these numbers are lower than actual values given that sexuality has loosened over the years since then, and even at that time the numbers of people who would report truthfully on the topic of zoophilic behavior would be lower than the real numbers.

So given that information, let us do the math.

(0.08+0.036)/2 = 0.058

81,726,000 x 0.058 = 4,740,108

That's 4,740,108 people minimum in Germany alone that will have had sexual experiences with animals. The values are undoubtedly far higher in reality, and these percentages have been reached in conclusion to other smaller scale studies more recently conducted.

And I would again like to state, these people are not sick, nor are they twisted. They do not have mental illnesses beyond what is considered normal (personality quirks such as chewing on pens, perhaps some ADHD or OCD, some could have insomnia, etc). In other words, zoophiles are no more mentally deranged or damaged than any person you would consider normal.

For those of you trying to use the argument that any sexual attraction and/or behavior other than that of man with woman is somehow unnatural and unacceptable, you are simply displaying to any that might read your comment that you yourself are the one with the mental illness. It seems quite obvious and easy to diagnose... you have an inability to accept the reality around you and are living in a fantasy world wherein everything that you personally believe to be true is in fact so. Take a step back and look around you. Homosexuals now have rights around most of the world, and they are now being given the right to marry at a rapidly increasing rate. People have accepted that color doesn't matter, that women should have the same rights as men, and that the world is round.
12:33 February 4, 2013 by Bigfoot76
^^ If we continue to ignore him I am sure he will go away.
12:57 February 4, 2013 by Manitee
Firstly, kudos to Ms. Ware for writing about this in an objective manner.

I looked up the documentary she mentioned and it's streaming for free at http://www.comingsoon.cz. Shocking but incredibly thought-provoking! It took me a few days to digest but although I haven't been converted yet I think there is room for debate here.

The law being protested makes no difference between animals and the zoophiles' behavior towards them. Everything is criminalized. So if someone falls in love with a pig and has 'romantic' contact with it it's criminal, but if you keep it locked up all it's life and then just kill it for a profit that's absolutely fine?

These people may seem stragnge to us, and maybe they're sick, but I can imagine some of them are truly sensitive and gentle and I cant see whay they should be criminalized.

And we've all seen animals occasionally initiate sexual contact with humans, so why should it be illegal for a human to let an animal have it's way? This new law makes all cases illegal.

Thanks to Mr. Tijn Po for this film. Whay haven't I seen it sooner?
14:26 February 4, 2013 by royp
Kinsey studies were done on a mixture of two specific groups, one was very liberal students that voluntered, the second and by far much larger group were criminals.

I am betting that the pervert statistics were the prisoner group.
15:48 February 4, 2013 by raandy
Tanilion No way would i subscribe to your way of thinking. It is not ok to have sex with an animal it lowers the morality of the human race (do your parents practice this cult behavior?) I have had some great relationships with animals but not by putting my organ into their posterior. yuuuuk
15:55 February 4, 2013 by Darra
I saw a female dog who looked so badly abused, her skin was practically hanging around a huge hole. Next to me, there was an Asian- looking girl who saw the dog and was so visibly shaken , she moved away just not to look. The woman , who lead the dog on a leash, made the dog sit. The dog coudn't- obviously in pain. The woman was even more rude and made the poor dog sit.

I wanted to call someone to take the dog from the woman ( the police , animal services , anybody) , but didn't have a phone.

At home tried to call the city hall, some animal services , but too late. Ever since, I have my camera with me, and the phone for some animal services memorized on my phone.

Nobody can convince me that whoever did that to the dog was not a sick pervert.
15:57 February 4, 2013 by Tanilion
The Kinsey studies were done on multiple groups, one of which included prisoners, yes. Which is why I usually try to ignore those results. However, they're the only easily looked up results from studies done on large numbers of people, over 11,000 people. And when compared to results from more recent but smaller studies done on random sampling from entirely non-criminal groups of society, they've remained consistent. Meaning they were accurate for the general population.

And there's the use of the word 'pervert'. If your idea of a pervert is someone who has sexual intercourse that deviates from the socially accepted 'normal' of a man with a woman (his girlfriend or wife only, no cheating or sleeping around allowed) in missionary position in the privacy of their own bedroom with no one else watching, then yes everyone who has sex with animals is a pervert. Nearly everyone else is as well, however. And if you mean that people who have sex with animals are somehow more of perverts than everyone else, well... take a look at what goes on in peoples' sex lives. You'll be sure to find quite a few more 'perverted' things than simply having consensual straight forward (no added kinks) sex with a loved one in the privacy of their own home. Which is exactly what it is for the majority of zoophiles who have a beloved animal with whom their relationship has progressed to the sexual level.

Do some research on the topic, talk to some people who are zoophiles and are comfortable with what they are. You will find out that they are normal, healthy people, just like you excepting in their sexual orientation. Something that in today's society should only be a concern when there is an issue of consent and maturity. With mature animals there is no question of their ability to tell a person if they like or do not like something that the person wants them to do or is trying to do to them. For the issue of consent, just speak to any veterinarian, they will be able to tell you plenty of stories about how they have to hold the animals down to give them shots or check their eyes or put drops in their ears, and how certain procedures require sedating the animal prior to attempting because the animal while awake would never allow that to be done without fighting for its life. And make note of the fact that the animals involved in these zoophilic relationships (as opposed to bestial where the emotional bond between human and animal is missing) are not mentally or physically damaged in any way, and often initiate the sexual contact through behaviors indicating clearly what they desire, and that is sex.
16:16 February 4, 2013 by omegablast
after reading i gotta agree with Tanilion, any person that threats an animal like that isnt a zoophile and just give a bad name to them , i know him personally and i know they are not like that :/ , he asked me to post something because he had to leave :


@Darra I agree with you 100%. Any person who would treat an animal in that way is indeed a sick twisted psychopath that needs to be locked away. That person was not a zoophile, and if you put that person in a room with a zoophile, the zoophile would beat the hell out of her for what she did to animals. People like that give a bad name to zoophiles, despite not actually being a zoophile herself. They thoroughly disgust me, and they thoroughly disgust the zoophile community.
16:29 February 4, 2013 by Bigfoot76
Tanilion, you support "zoophilic relationships" clearly. Your supporting argument is based on the premise that just because it is not the norm, does not mean it should be criminal or considered wrong.

What about pedophiles then? Are we to start accepting them and their relationship with children as long as the children seem to be okay with it? This is not the norm but by your statements you believe we should accept it.

Let me go back to the animal side of it again. Supposing you were against Pedophilia, what about a dog that is only 1 or 2 years old? In human years that would be 7-14 so now does the person wishing to engage in a relationship with the animal have to wait until it is 3 years old (21) or older? For that matter lets bring up the tortoise. In the Calcutta Zoo a Tortoise lived to be 250 years old in captivity. If we were to assume that all animals share the age ratio that Dogs do then people would have to wait until the Tortoise is 70 years old before they could have a relationship with it. That is of course if you are not supporting the Pedophilic lifestyle.
18:29 February 4, 2013 by Tanilion

You didn't read my previous comment. I said MATURE only. Meaning 3+ for a large breed of dog, for example.

I have never in any of my posts condoned pedophilia against humans or animals. And I am quite against pedophilia, for that matter. If a person has urges toward a human or animal that is not fully mature and capable of understanding what is happening, it is their responsibility to suppress those urges as there is easily gathered evidence that humans and animals, when not mature, can very easily be physically and mentally damaged by being made to have sex. Thus the behavior is immoral and wrong.

And my argument is based on the premise that it should not be criminal or considered wrong in certain conditions to have sex with animals. Those conditions being that the person and animal both consent, person and animal are both mature, and that there is no harm done to either party.

When someone goes and abuses an animal, causing it physical and/or mental harm through their actions, it should be illegal just as it is when actions such as those are perpetrated upon a human. Rape is rape, whether it's against a man, a woman, a child, or an animal.

And the point I'm raising is that with zoophiles, they legitimately care for their animals. They do not harm them, they do not rape them. They are an entirely different category of people from those who DO harm their animals.
21:19 February 4, 2013 by PaulWilleaux
Whenever I read stories like this, I begin praying to a higher power for nuclear bombs fo rain down on this planet. If there is a "god" out there, surely this entity will bless us with radioactive fire sooner rather than later.
05:00 February 5, 2013 by john penn
What a bunch of sick bastards....and they have a name for it too? zoophile....in my book zoophile means sick perverts that need mental hospital and some serious medication to help with castration....disgusting
12:04 February 6, 2013 by johnqm
Its crazy how zoophiles are defended while pedophiles (a group that deserves far more protection and who is far more attacked) are still demonized.

Just imagine if an article about pedophiles was so understanding and empathic, giving so much space to voicing pedophiles' opinions, saying that the demonization of pedophiles was Sexual hysteria, that pedophiles love children, that "moralists had a distorted image of all pedophiles violently abusing children with sex toys. ¦quot;These are the worst lies,¦quot; "

Why are zoophiles (a fringe and not so persecuted group) more defended than pedophiles (which are far more common and also more stigmatized)? Isnt that crazy?

What about pedophiles? I guess that -unlike- with zoophiles, society dont have a distorted image of them. I guess there isnt a sexual hysteria in that matter. I guess that pedophile teens and young people deserve to be demonized....

And then we have Tanilion who says "

And the point I'm raising is that with zoophiles, they legitimately care for their animals. They do not harm them, they do not rape them. They are an entirely different category of people from those who DO harm their animals. ",

But is "quite against pedophilia". Can't you get more hypocritical? How can you defend one sexual minority but not the other? How can you not defend your brothers and sisters? I guess you ALWAYS need someone to bash and discriminate, amirite? Even zoophiles need to look down on someone and feel superior. Even the bullied kid needs another kid to bully.

I wonder why people not say more often that "And the point I'm raising is that with pedophiles, they legitimately care for their children. They do not harm them, they do not rape them. They are an entirely different category of people from those who DO harm their children. "
07:18 February 7, 2013 by Wrench
Does this mean they will arrest the husband of Claudia Roth?
14:11 February 7, 2013 by JenDigs
@Tanilion: Using the pedophile comparison again, would it then be acceptable in your view that an adult adopt a young child (or foster/befriend/or otherwise "groom" them), raising them to be a companion and then engaging in a sexual relationship as soon as the child turned 18 (or reached whatever legal age of consent in their culture)? Is that not what many zoophiles do? They get an animal at an immature age and raise it to be their "partner"? For those who adopt older rescue animals, how do they know the animal was not abused in a sexual way in the past?

As to the word "pervert"... your comment actually makes the point rather than challenging it...

[" If your idea of a pervert is someone who has sexual intercourse that deviates from the socially accepted 'normal' of a man with a woman (his girlfriend or wife only, no cheating or sleeping around allowed) in missionary position in the privacy of their own bedroom with no one else watching, then yes everyone who has sex with animals is a pervert.">

...As the definition of pervert is "A person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable", your comment just agrees. Your statistics support the fact that zoophiles are a minority, therefor, they are not the "norm". (The actual norm of course depends on the society. Homosexuality is considered perverted in many places; but in some places like San Francisco, it isn't anymore.)

15:49 February 7, 2013 by can'tunderstandpsychos
This is totally sick. If this people say they just can't have normal feelings, then they should be castrated. They should ask the government to castrate them for free. Do they know how much harm you are doing? but for you, your desires are first of course, other beings like animals don't matter as long as you can use them. I have read news articles about people that rape mental challenged mature persons. And these mental challenged persons don't know what just happened, nobody had explained them at school what sex was about, they are just victims of something they are not fully aware of. I feel so much pain for them, even if they agree with it. I can't believe the aggressors just don't recognize how abusive they are being. Why do they want to continue doing these? you should be castrated really. But you are selfish, why should anybody listen to selfish people? Don't listen to them please. I know sick people who read this note will be saying "oh that must be cool". Don't listen to them. These are some bastards that need to be penalized or enjailed. And don't answer to me you zoophiles, you are just sick, sick, sick!!!!
05:43 February 9, 2013 by yuri_nahl
I would like to be paid to hunt down these deviates. So next time you are having fun in the bedroom and hear someone peeking in the window, it could be me making sure you and Fido are not having fun. But seriously, who thinks of this mumbo jumbo? Did some Puritans move to Germany? Are there too many lawyers in Germany? I thought Germans had more important things to do!
08:40 February 9, 2013 by itchyvet
I love both my dogs, and I'd retaliate against anyone who wished to do them harm.

BUT, have SEX with them?????

This is a joke, right?
15:48 February 9, 2013 by --J
I am a zoophile and I don't understand why people hate us so violently. I'm not a rapist or a pedo. God bless the people who are protesting for the next sexual orientation. It must take a lot of courage to start a protest against all odds.
12:27 February 14, 2013 by slawek2
Somehow I always knew it that pet owners do engage in some sort of sexual activity with their animals. Especially too much cuddling has always made me suspicious. I always assumed that almost every pet owner has engaged in some sort of sexual activity with their pet at least once. And I suspect there is rather more women than men, who do this sort of thing. I don't think women put too much thought into this, they'll simply do it and go on with their lives, while men seemingly feel the need to organize themselves. Odd.

This is a huge lot of fines if you were to catch everyone. Probably every animal owner, zoo keeper, PETA member and so on will be suspected from now on. And since the matter is hard to prove, circumstantial evidence should suffice. Judging from the comments, anyone convicted, can already expect to by lynched by the mob as well, after they paid their fine that is.

Someone has mentioned psychopaths, where killing and mistreating animals are their first baby steps. I too agree, that the new laws completely fail to protect society in this regard. And I would never consider pet owners as criminals. I mean everyone knows, that people sleep with their pets, there is nothing new about that. Why should I be interested in the details on top of that.
18:37 March 16, 2013 by Anandhi
The animals may not be tortured but are these animals interested in zoophile? if human females are not interested in having sex with male animals other than human then how come females of other animal species will have interest in human males. They may not have given a chance to choose animal male partners. There are girls who doesnt speak anything jus because they cant run away and live alone due to financial problems that may arise. The animals do it for food. This is a must to ban. As such instead of punishing these zoophiles they should be asked to grow male pet too. They will see their partners walking off with their lovers saying goodbye to zoophiles
03:59 March 26, 2013 by TigertheLion
I think most of the people aren't thinking this through and are simply relying on their base disgust. I am not a zoophile, nor have I engaged in any sexual activities with animals, but how is this abuse? Assuming it's like the people in the article mention, then why is it rape? If they aren't capable of consenting, then can they be capable of not consenting? Personally, i view it as such... if they are not capable of consenting, then it is at worst a moot point. obviously they can't be said to care either way if this is true. But I think they are capable. First of all (taking a dog for example), in every other form of training you have to be the alpha-dog. If they see you as that they will follow your orders. Notice the "alpha-dog". To a dog, you are a dog. A weird, gangly, hairless, possibly disabled dog, but a dog all the same. They don't see the difference, or if they do they don't acknowledge it. Also, a dog can express a desire not to do an act. It would give off some rather tell tale signs, from putting its ears back to scooting away to turning and biting. They are more than capable of expressing dislike. So assuming a zoophile truly cares about their animal and witnesses them doing this, they will recognize it as a rejection and STOP. If not for the moral reason, then so as to keep their face attached to the rest of their head and not have it end up in the dogs stomach. If they don't they either a) get bitten or b) actually commit animal abuse, and that's where my understanding and defense would stop. And to address another less obvious concern someone else pointed out, dogs are inherently polygamous. It's not like they'd see a dog they wished to have sex with and go "If only my owner wasn't boinking me, I'd be totally DTF." Besides, most people stop their dogs from having sex anyways, so this is entirely a non-issue.

So, seeing as it's not rape and it's not stopping the dog from having a full traditional sex life, what exactly is the issue besides your personal heebee jeebee's? If you find it disgusting, don't do it. I'm not exactly fond of the idea, but I'm not against the people that are. Neither am I into eating poop (not that the two are comparable), but there are people who do that and nobody tries to stop them. They could actually get hurt.
00:44 May 4, 2013 by me100
they should life the ban on zoophilia, everyone should have a right on who they love, and those that do wrong should get punished, not those that do right, some out there are just cruel to the animal, so lock them up and not the ones that do good, you have sex crimes with humans, but you don't ban humans having sex, so why ban the ones that truly love there animal just because of a few that do wrong, make it legal, let them love who they want to
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