Meet a Living Master and receive the gift of Darshan

There’s something special about a mother’s love. A divine mother, however, loves the whole world. Her Holiness Sai Maa - spiritual master, healer and humanitarian - is visiting Munich to share her teachings and a whole lot of love.

Published: Sat 20 Oct 2012 10:22 CEST
Meet a Living Master and receive the gift of Darshan

“There’s nothing more beautiful in this world than a human being,” says Sai Maa whose name means Divine Mother. “No monument, no church; so allow yourself to be loved and you will experience your own self.”

Followers looking for guidance on their spiritual journey now have the opportunity to meet her in Munich. On Friday 2, November at 6pm, Sai Maa is inviting the public free of charge to experience Darshan – a Sanskrit word meaning a moment with a divine presence.

“”It activates the divine presence that is dormant in every human being,” she adds. “The more you receive Darshan, the best of you, the divinity in you, comes to the surface.”

Sai Maa’s own journey has taken her from the island of Mauritius, where she was born to Indian parents, on to France where she became a wife and mother to two children and worked for the government, in local politics to reforms at a European Union level.

Having studied a range of alternative medicine, she used her native background and new home in Europe to create a therapeutic practice, which thrived on mixing traditions from both East and West.

“In the West, we disconnect from our own self and mostly keep faith in the material world,” she says. ”The East is more about togetherness, the mind is less distorted and most eastern countries have known enlightenment for a very long time.”

A successful professional, Sai Maa felt drawn to a greater good. In 2000, she founded Humanity in Unity, a non-profit organisation with the aim of providing basic needs of clothes, food and medical care to those less fortunate.

As a firm advocate of interfaith collaboration, Sai Maa tirelessly travels the world, bringing humanitarian relief and comfort to people of all races and doctrines on all continents. Darshan is only a small and initial part of a much wider healing process that Sai Maa practices.

“It’s a feeling of pure love,” she adds. “The light and love channels into energies and you start to wash or cleanse or soften what is happening in your field. The healing starts there.”

Journey of Profound Healing and Journey of Profound Awakening are programmes Sai Maa has developed based on knowledge, innate talents and life experience. “I can see beyond the physical,” she says. “I can see energy, hear energy, smell energy and taste energy,” she says. “I can get to a place in somebody with a deep wound.”

Having studied psychology while living in Europe, Sai Maa believes that no matter how many years people attend therapy, it remains very difficult to become enlightened – the key to the healing process.

According to her, if an emotional body is weak it can reach a point where it starts to crack, which manifests into physical disease.

“Imagine somebody that is really unwell but is completely closed due to wounds of the past,” she adds. “It very difficult to get the healing place of the physical. We have already entered the quantum physics, we are now working on quantum biology.”

Sai Maa will also he hosting a Transformational Healers Programme in Munich to encourage those working within the healing profession to gain greater understanding.

Venue for Sai Maa events in Munich, November 2-4: Hotel Dolce Unterschleissheim.

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