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Germany will take Syrian refugees but not alone

The Local · 16 Oct 2012, 08:32

Published: 16 Oct 2012 08:32 GMT+02:00

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"Germany is ready in principle to welcome Syrian refugees," he told the Rheinische Post newspaper.

But he called for a coordinated plan to be put in place with the United Nations, the European Union and refugee aid groups.

Turkey, which is coping with an influx of over 100,000 refugees from Syria, has been urging Europe to do more to help.

On Monday, the European Union said it would continue assisting Ankara but made no offer to take refugees in.

In the interview with the Rheinische Post, Westerwelle noted that the "majority of the refugees want to remain in the region (around Syria), so as to be able to return immediately to their country once circumstances allow them to."

Germany was therefore putting the focus at the moment on humanitarian aid on site, he said.

The United Nations estimates that more than 2.5 million people have been affected by the fighting. There are more than 348,000 Syrian refugees registered in neighbouring countries, but many more are unregistered.

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Your comments about this article

20:11 October 16, 2012 by joysonabraham
Are they inventing ways to destroy from within...
20:46 October 16, 2012 by PNWDev
Another example of the governments very short-sighted understanding of the law of cause and effect. Assimilation? All is perfect there. Cultural preservation and identity? Safe and well preserved for all future generations.

Let the Arab nations manage their own problem. If they want Assad gone, let them deal with it. If they want a home for the refugees, then they should open their doors and bring them in.
21:15 October 16, 2012 by joysonabraham
Funny thing is many Arabs don't even consider children of women married to Arabs from other countries as equal citizens. Even in Egypt until last month\week children born to Egyptian man and Palestinian woman where not equal to pure Egyptian children. They want Europeans to support their cause, help in troubles, for what?
08:57 October 17, 2012 by Berzerker
@joysonabraham - Exactly! This would be a disaster of epic proportions. It boggles my mind how Europe is determined to commit ethnic/cultural suicide.
11:28 October 17, 2012 by syrDolphin
@joysonabraham and Berzerker: I am Syrian and I agree with you.

I want to tell you that the worst enemy we have is those "Islamic" Arabic countries, especially in the Arabic Gulf, and the new comers of the "Arabic spring" that flourished beards and extremism...

Regarding the citizenship of children:

Do you know that Syrian government (that is looked as evil in the mainstream media) that hosted 2 millions of Palestinian refugees is treating them EXACTLY the same as Syrians? While in our neighbor, Lebanon, a Palestinian engineer or doctor can ONLY work as an assistant for a Lebanese one!

Syria, itself, hosted TWO millions of Iraqi refugees upon the American "democratization" of that country that killed, by mistake, 2 millions and displaced more... and most remarkable, evacuated Iraq from its Christians!

Also Syria hosted the THIRD OF LEBANESE POPULATION during the Israeli war of 2006.

SYRIA HAS NEVER hosted refugees in camps and tents! Syria hosted them in Syrian homes and areas.


Regarding Syrian refugees,

1) Many of them are the extremist fighters and their families

2) many of them are NOT refugees! My friend in Lebanon told me that agents of Al-Hariri is offering money for Syrian workers - who are there merely for work - against being registered as "refugees"!


We, Syrian people, are VERY GRATEFUL for the EXTRAORDINARY support we see from the politicians, Mother Clinton, Mother Mirkel, Mother Ashton... and the Patriarch Erdugan (sorry Patriarchs!) as well as from the saints of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and their followers in Tunisia ,Egypt and Libya...


because we discovered that they are sending the wrong humanitarian aids...

They may think that we eat bullets at breakfast,

They may think that we use bombs for parties,

They may think that we play with sniper guns and machine guns,

They may think that we need Salafi terrorists to teach our children democracy,

They may think that we need to each our children hatred and that we need those revolutionist terrorists who sing: "Alawites to the graveyard and Christians to Beirut!"
17:11 October 19, 2012 by michael valerio
Syrian refugees, what a stupid idea.
22:19 October 19, 2012 by Edward Teach
Why is our government letting those people(muslims) in our country? They( the government) never asked the people/tax payers(us) how we felt about letting muslims in they just do it against our will.What have they done to our children and our children's children? It is not racist to protect your country and it's people.The people say deport.

Warum ist unsere Regierung ließ diese Menschen (Muslime) in unserem Land? Sie (die Regierung) nie fragte die Leute / Steuerzahler (us), wie wir über Vermietung Muslime in sie tun es einfach gegen unsere will.What haben sie für unsere Kinder und unsere Kindeskinder getan gefühlt? Es ist nicht rassistisch, um Ihr Land zu schützen und es ist people.The Leute sagen zu deportieren.
19:34 October 20, 2012 by P.B.
I do love ignorance. Syria consistes of various religions groups.

Translation, Not only Muslim.

For the guy who knows someone in Lebanon, which I doubt, that the vast majority of these opposition fighters are not even Syrians?

I truly am getting rather bored of the naivety from people who have never lived or visited the region.

Your take......Muslim is equated with Bad.... you sound like baby george h.w. bush.

Before delving in and making these truly asinine comments, please do a lot more research.
11:07 October 24, 2012 by mfharis
And where is Saudia Arabia? They have enough space and money to host Syrians?
23:21 November 9, 2012 by Darthkuriboh
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
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