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Eco-power 'will raise energy bills in 2013'

The Local · 9 Oct 2012, 11:21

Published: 09 Oct 2012 11:21 GMT+02:00

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Yearly energy costs for a four-person household would be shooting up by about €50 and EEG funding for renewable energy is to top out at a new high of €20 billion, said the Süddeutsche Zeitung daily.

The exact level of the surcharge is due to be announced on Monday, but authorities are already expecting it to rise well beyond its current level of 3.6 cents per kilowatt hour.

“The green energy charge looks set to be over 5 cents for 2013,” the head of the Federal Network Agency, Jochen Homann, told the paper – meaning consumers will almost certainly be facing bigger bills.

That money will be used to bridge the price difference between renewable and non-renewable energy.

Energy prices in Germany are already among the highest in Europe and further price increases could reopen the debate on subsidies for renewables, as the government moves ahead with its much-touted nuclear phase-out.

Because a rise in the EEG surcharge would affect consumers directly, junior coalition partners, the Free Democrats (FDP), are looking to offset those costs by reducing electricity taxes.

But Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, a member of the centre-right Christian Democrats, rejected the idea, saying energy companies could see a rise in the EEG tariff as an excuse to increase their base rates – meaning the firms, not the consumers, would benefit from power tax cuts.

The head of the conservatives’ Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union, expressed openness to the FDP’s suggestion. CSU chairman Horst Seehofer described the rising price of power as the “most pressing problem” associated with Germany’s transition to renewable energies.

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“On the whole, we have to guarantee stabile energy prices,” he said.

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Your comments about this article

12:38 October 9, 2012 by MattyB
Hooray for green energy! Helping poverty and bloating govt budgets wherever it goes.

I read articles like this and absolutely want to scream at the morons with Atomkraft? Nein Danke! stickers. I guess they're afraid because of all the hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, sunamis, and other large natural disasters Germany is susceptible to.
12:49 October 9, 2012 by bobmarchiano
It will not also be house holds business will have to increase there prices which will cost

consumers And those people who use wash centers will see a big increase in there cost

of doing a wash and dry.

That will give them and all others less money to spend at cafes ....... its one big ripple affect
13:19 October 9, 2012 by truth is treason
UN Agenda21 comes to Germany. These green energy schemes are a tax on the ordinary people done by the greens and lefties. The wind turbines do not work below 5 degrees, BTW solar energy will not supply any electricity in the winter when it is cold and dark. Our only hope will be that global warming is true and that by the time these new energies are in place and working the climate in Germany will be similar to the Canaries.
13:57 October 9, 2012 by T.J. Morton
The wind turbines do not work below 5 degrees

Do you have any references for this claim? Because I believe that typical, external design temperatures for wind turbines are -20° to 40° C. There may not be so much wind when it's -20° C, but if there was, the turbines are designed to work.
15:47 October 9, 2012 by adipk
Thanks to green energy. and planners who want to implement it. Please give me one big wind turbine so that i can fix in my garden. ahhhhhh. I dont know what was the problem with less expansive energy production. if there is problem of radiation than please note that Germany is collecting atomic and other radio active trash from world and "destroying" it inside Germany.

Thanx once again "color" party for your support of raising electricity and other energy prices.
16:34 October 9, 2012 by truth is treason
#4 T.J. Morton. Slip of the mind it was a report I read about wind power failing to supply enough energy below -5 degrees and the wind not blowing.

16:56 October 9, 2012 by ChrisRea
I am already paying more for electricity, as last year I voluntarily changed my supplier to an eco one. It is not a big difference, and I am not a high earner.
17:20 October 9, 2012 by lenny van
Fell right into the trap, didn't you. Many people erroneously believe the ECO in ECO-FUEL stands for economic. Actually, it stands for ecological. You're another one of those who want it both ways, i.e. cheap, clean and renewable fuel. Life is not a free soup kitchen!!! Start paying up like the rest of us or you might find that you will be thrown out into the cold and starve to death. Shirker!!! - and I'm not talking about those Indian mountain guides in the Himilayahs.
18:00 October 9, 2012 by IchBinKönig
Not only that, Germany and China are on the verge of a trade war due to these Solar Panels. Enjoy the fruits of your policy kooks. haha

how easy it is to convince the useful idiots that the sky is falling, so we need our government to make deals with the Chinese to prevent that from happening.

Nice to see the wool over your eyes is firmly in place
19:32 October 9, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ lenny van

No, actually I voluntarily chose to pay more because I do not necessarily want the cheapest option and clean&renewable is important to me. I also donated money to couple of ecological initiatives.

If we can use renewable (sustainable) energy, why should we think short-term and choose non-renewable? Again, the extra that I paid is not significant.
21:19 October 9, 2012 by tercel
WIND is FREE, once the turbine is built and installed only a small amount of money is necessary to maintain it.

SUNLIGHT is FREE, once the solar panel is built and installed only a small amount of money is necessary to maintain it.

So why is the cost of electricity going UP and UP and UP? Wind turbines and solar panels don't cost millions of euros each to manufacture. Nuclear power plants cost billions of euros to build and millions of euros to maintain YET the cost of electricity was less when they were on line. This eco garbage is just that - garbage. Until the technology can produce the same amount of electricity as a nuclear power plant for FAR less costs it looks like we will all have to start stocking up on candles or get a second full time job to pay for this eco garbage.
21:32 October 9, 2012 by yourkeau
I see, people here have short memory, so let me remind that the decision to phase out nuclear power was made by conservative government of Mrs. Merkel, and neither Green nor Left party has nothing to do with this decision:


The other question is why the government has made this decision?

The answer: because so is the wish of the Germans as a nation and the government had no choice but to implement it . I don't know any single German who supports nuclear energy.

Yes, it costs and the Germans are willing to cover these costs and some of them already do by paying for íkostrom (like ChrisRea). Those who complain about this should probably think of changing the residence as this is a long-term policy which will be continued.
05:20 October 10, 2012 by IchBinKönig
@ yourkeau

'conservative government of Mrs. Merkel,'

hahahahahahahahahahaha. the conservative part of the ddr.
10:03 October 10, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Hey Germans! You could all just move to Greece, Portugal or Spain. Nice weather and less heating bills. Oh wait, there are already droves of you going there. Wonder why. Germany not the land of milk and honey after all then?
12:32 October 10, 2012 by Kölner
Germany is the only country in the world that went into totally out-of-proportion-hysterics after Fukushima. The Japanese themselves aren't nearly as intimidated by the going-ons in their own country than the Germans, 9000 km away, are.

Another case of German "Angst". Paying 50 % more for power will destroy the lifestandard of countless families and smaller enterprises. Even now, at least 100.000 households have to do without electricity, because the people couldn't pay the bills any more. Doom on the arrogant, self-serving politicians like that Altmaier who ridicule the average citizen by making statements like: "Well, you have to save energy, weĺl give you free advice on that!" What a rip-off! Thereś no means of saving energy to save 50 % of your energy-expenditure. Phasing out nuclear energy has become "phasing out social justice". I'd gladly be provided by the tackiest, Romanian nuclear-power-plant if my bills kept steady! Whatś mainly behind the ambition to support and speed-up renewable energy are some people's investments in the stockmarket.

The German public is meant to pay their way. Before long, many Germans will yearn

for the days when we were free to consume nuclear power! Before the "íko-Nazis" took over.
17:12 October 10, 2012 by ChrisRea
Of course you would like to be provided by Romanian nuclear power plants. They are safer than most of those in Western Europe (http://www.cne.ro/Up/files/downloads/pdf/SafetyFeaturesOfCANDUDesign_CNECernavoda.pdf).
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