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Army outraged by 'rape' music video

The Local · 6 Oct 2012, 14:06

Published: 06 Oct 2012 14:06 GMT+02:00

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The video for the song "Gloria" purports to show an "apocalyptic horror scenario in grand and challenging images," the 63-year-old Witt said on his Facebook page.

One scene shows a group of soldiers in Bundeswehr combat uniforms, with their military insignia visible, holding down a woman on a table while one of them rapes her. One soldier is filming it on a smartphone.

Scenes later in the video show that a young girl who witnessed the event has been shot.

The Bundeswehr Association accused Witt of defaming German soldiers. "Those who have been putting their lives on the line for this country are being classed with brutal violent criminals," said association head Ulrich Kirsch in a statement on the association's website.

He called on people to voice protests on Witt's Facebook page. "He wants open dialogue," he said. "Then he should get it."

Germany's parliamentary defence commissioner Hellmut Königshaus also condemned the video. He told Berlin's B.Z. newspaper, "Many soldiers have already complained to me about the video." He added that its makers should have "turned their brains on before releasing a video with such scenes."

"I apologise if someone feels attacked or insulted because of the insignia represented in the videos, as some people clearly do," Witt responded on his Facebook page. "The video is clearly a work of art! The soldiers in the video are interchangeable!"

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"As a former member of the federal border control (during the Cold War), I respect the work of the Bundeswehr," he added.

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Your comments about this article

16:41 October 6, 2012 by Olentangy
The only music video on Youtube not blocked by GEMA.
17:16 October 6, 2012 by realist1961
You can't defame Muslims in one video and call it freedom of speech and then defame the Bundeswehr in another and say it is insulting. Fortunately, the admirable people in the Bundeswehr won't kill people because of it.
18:51 October 6, 2012 by IchBinKönig
'Accuse others of what you do.' - Karl Marx
23:17 October 6, 2012 by tommy2shoes
"The German army has condemned a new music video by pop singer Joachim Witt that depicts Bundeswehr soldiers raping a woman in an unnamed future conflict."

The above named conflict is the beginning of wwIII. Ancient Assyria also known as Germany leads and runs at the Vatican's (Anti-Christ) direction. They attack like a whirlwind and defeat Iran and every muslim brotherhood government i.e. Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia according to Daniel 11-45. Modern day Israel, the USA and the UK (the lost ten tribes)will also be attacked along with the nation of Israel (Judah). The EU will continue the onslaught and eventually attack Asia (Russia, China and all other Asian nations. After the EU attacks and causes extreme damage the Asian nations come back with their own attack destroying the EU completely. The Asian nations will continue with their 200 million man army marching towards Israel when Jesus Christ will return and every knee shall bow.....
00:22 October 7, 2012 by joysonabraham

Oh man what an interpretation.

I hope your dream world has rest of Africa and south America too.. what happens there? will just sink to the bottom of deep sea and the huge waves go up to heaven carrying the remaining people on earth. There the heavenly servants receive those people gifting each one a bucket of clean water to bathe and a towel. blahblah
00:44 October 7, 2012 by herr_james



you forgot the part where new zealand, together with fiji, samoa, tonga and australia rise up and have a barbecue (wayne 15-30). while the bible is lovely, and has inspired sooo much love and understanding, please go read some more books.

as for witt's comment that the "soldiers are interchangeable" then why use the bundeswehr insignia? i don't mind controversial musicians/videos, but so lame when they try and backtrack.

as i'm sure he's well aware, portraying rape -in any form- is always offensive. lame attempt at fame, loser.
07:15 October 7, 2012 by Zobirdie
I would say it is in poor taste... mostly because the Bundeswehr works quite hard to remove past associations of the German military. It is pretty hard to see the insignia... they are identifiable by their BDUs. But I am sure that if it was an american video by an american artist, the US army would protest too. Soldiers don't like being shown doing such things.

I agree with Herr_James about rape. I get a little tired of it being used for shock and awe by musicians and film makers who want to be edgy.

Does it need to be banned. Nah. But then I didnt think the other vid needed to be banned either. :) I will suck up my offense at the rape scene and soldier defamation like a grown up!
11:53 October 7, 2012 by Kennneth Ingle
This is just another example of perverted racism called art. Just how many of these weirdoes do we have in this world, who just like to stir up trouble? A man who is ready to lose his life, for the defence of his country, deserves respect whatever nationality he may be.

We may well be against the involvement of Germany in the often unnecessary wars of this globe, but the governments, not the soldiers are to blame for such crazy armed conflicts.

I hope this so-called singer is charged for trying to cause hate, he certainly does not appear to be quite right in the head. What was his name, Half-wit?
16:02 October 7, 2012 by AirForceGuy
I agree with you Kenneth, in the USA we call this 'art' and 'free expression', and support it with our tax dollars!
17:57 October 7, 2012 by Englishted
@ Kennneth Ingle

A German singer portraying Germany soldiers ,tasteless ,tacky ,poor, sexist,yes but racist?
18:40 October 7, 2012 by IchBinKönig
@ Englishted

Yes, ethnomasochists are very capable of racism.

' (It is) the masochistic tendency to regard with a sense of guilt and a sense of worthlessness one¦#39;s own ethnic group, one¦#39;s own people.

Ethnomasochism is similar to shame of oneself and self-hatred. It is a collective psychopathology, triggered by a long propaganda effort to foster a presumed fundamental sense of guilt felt by Europeans vis-à-vis other peoples, of whom they are assumed to be the ¦quot;oppressors¦quot;. It is therefore necessary to repent and to ¦quot;pay the debt.¦quot; This effort at repentance, a veritable historical sham, has been undertaken by the Churches, as well as by the European States.

Ethnomasochism is also the basis of anti-natalistic policies that surreptitiously aim to limit the reproduction of European populations. Implicitly then, it can be likened to a type of ¦quot;self-racism¦quot;. The European man can be said to have been struck down by an original sin, an intrinsic racial stain: he is guilty of being what he is.

Ethnomasochism provokes the systematic defense of cross-breeding (¦quot;métissage) and cosmopolitanism. Curiously, it denies to Europeans the idea of ethnic identity, but grants it to others. Europeans are duty-bound to dilute themselves, but other peoples, Africans for example, are not. Ethnomasochism is the counterweight of xenophilia (love and overestimation of the foreigner, the ¦quot;other¦quot;). It is related to ethno-suicide.

In history, ethnomasochism is not new; it was the symptom of peoples tired of life, tired of perpetuating themselves; of aging peoples who pass the torch to others. The European elite are afflicted with this collective illness. And this illness explains the laxness towards the colonization by migrants and the idea that we have both a duty and a need to welcome the new occupiers.' - Guillaume Faye
20:37 October 7, 2012 by roundabout321
I thought there were laws that prevented promoting gratuitous violence? Typical male with a small dick syndrome, cheap publicity, next there will be a gratuitous video with violence on children, elderly or disabled or ethnic minorities. Pity he couldn't succeed in life without being a retarded bully. No intention of watching it, that's what they want, after all. Hope he dies of cancer.
20:19 October 8, 2012 by Englishted
@ IchBinKönig

Thank you that is not a term I was familiar with ,so I this case i have learnt something new today.
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