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German image in US still beer and brats

The Local · 29 Sep 2012, 10:08

Published: 29 Sep 2012 10:08 GMT+02:00

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But they do a lot to promote that image, Der Spiegel magazine reported.

Overall Germany has never been more liked in the US than now, according a survey from the German Embassy in Washington.

However only a small portion of the population – students, intellectuals and creative types in New York and San Francisco – see Germany as a hip, modern country whose capital Berlin is the centre of everything cool, according to the story.

The author, a German ex-pat with US citizenship who has lived in the States for seven years, quoted the New York Times as saying that “Berlin is like New York in the 80s” but noted that most Americans do not read the New York Times.

For the majority of Americans Germany means beer, bratwurst, sauerkraut, schnitzel and schnaps. But Americans also appreciate Germany for its engineering, design, efficiency and quality.

But in as much as many expats complain about the stereotypical views many Americans hold of them, a lot of them do all they can to promote that view.

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Many German organizations in the US are known for their Oktoberfest gatherings, serving asparagus in the spring and cabbage in the winter and also organizing wine tastings or gatherings to watch the Bundesliga.

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Your comments about this article

14:42 September 29, 2012 by XFYRCHIEF
I live in Chicago, and the local radio has ads for Octoberfest, featuring someone with a "German" accent promoting beer and brats. It is the image most often projected of Germans. I believe some of it comes from the German mind set of keeping one's business private; Germans don't promote themselves as cosmopolitan, modern and "hip."
14:48 September 29, 2012 by Herr Rentz
I live way downstate of you, but no one that I know of stereotypes Germans in that way. They need to widen their poll audience outside of New York.

I live in a predominantely German-American area and we have our 'fests', and Wurtmarkts, and I am a German descendant, but we don't run around in Lederhosen and drink Paulaner 24/7, nor do we think our distant cousins do across the Pond.
15:02 September 29, 2012 by IchBinKönig
It sounds a lot more accurate, or at least nicer, than the nonsense a lot of Germans believe about any other nationality.
15:07 September 29, 2012 by smart2012
Germans (not all luckily) sponsored Oktoberfest like the greates party in the world. Oktoberfest is a party for drunk people misbehaving, so this article is easily explained.

Today in Munich Schwabing at 11 am I saw a drunk girl (she was around 16 years old) vomiting and collapsing. This is Oktoberfest too.. If u need the video I can send it to u :)
16:40 September 29, 2012 by hanskarl
Unfortunately, this is what "sells" in the US. I have been made aware of attempts at introducing Northern German bands, culture and activities to one of the largest German festivals in the US. It fell on deaf ears of the board that at the time was mostly German expats! They knew if they wanted great attendance and maximum profit they needed to promote the "German Party" atmosphere of the south with Dirndl and Lederhosen. Look at the other one that calls itself "The Original Haus Party." Does this sound like a family event?

Reading this article is a sad but correct commentary and perhaps the most accurate one Germans have produced about Americans. Then again most Americans could care less about New York City and especially the New York Times. Here is a newspaper that has had a a motto "All the news that is fit to print" when in reality it is philosophically biased to the core as most news sources tend to be.
17:01 September 29, 2012 by ND1000
Here's some earth shattering news, brats and beer is the image that most people have of Germany. Its far better than the stereotyped views most Germans have of everyone else. Stop searching for ways Americans have slighted Germans and get on with life. Stop being such psychos.
17:14 September 29, 2012 by marimay
Ahem, Germany IS beer and brats!

Although I think the article is being nice. I am sure what comes to most peoples minds is still Hitler whether they say it or not. lol

When I think of Germany I think of food I don't want to eat (too bland and boring), awesome cars (I will only drive German) and bad weather.
17:38 September 29, 2012 by EffectivelyME
Well said ND1000. The shoe is on the other foot, I think.

Also, another plus from this; It is better than having them think of Germans as Nazis!
19:00 September 29, 2012 by ovalle3.14
Germans, on the other hand, have no stereotypes about any foreigners. I, as a Costa Rican (which we all know, lies in Spain, the land of tacos and sombreros) can swear on that.
19:20 September 29, 2012 by smart2012
Ovalle314, what r u talking about? Read Bild, always sponsoring German uber alles view. And bild unfortunately for germany and Europe is red by 75% of germans
19:47 September 29, 2012 by marimay
ovalle was being sarcastic
20:28 September 29, 2012 by nstaubach
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
22:36 September 29, 2012 by marimay
Remove the caul, nstaubach.
03:40 September 30, 2012 by korbermeister
@ smart2012 you can see young women and men doing the same on almost any college campus, thurs., fri., and saturday in sht States
16:34 September 30, 2012 by wasserball
I hosted several German high school exchange students in the Houston area. One exchange student came home telling me that a student struck a converstion with him and asked if they have cars in Germany. So, not all Americans kids, especially in Houston think Germany is all beer and brats.
17:38 September 30, 2012 by joysonabraham

Vomiting is so bad and indecent?

sometimes it cleans your stomach a bit.. buddy... so be happy with it. recording such things without her knowledge and the mentality to share it with others is the height of indecency, really bad.

I hope you know who might have vomited a lot before you came to earth. :)
18:13 September 30, 2012 by smart2012
At Oktoberfest you'll see whatever u have seen in parties of bad things (people collapsing, peeing, fighting) multiplied by 1000 times. A 15 years old guy may enjoy it if not ending up in the hospital :)

Btw, what do u expect from a primitive party for drunk people?? ;)
19:15 September 30, 2012 by Joshontour
I guess I should start complaining too... maybe I'll get my own news article. If I have have to hear another German stereotype all Americans as fat, McDonald's eating, superficially friendly, undereducated, racial bigots... I might just call Die Welt and cry about it.
02:29 October 1, 2012 by schneebeck
I remember one time I was in Chemnitz for New Year's Eve. All the young folk were out in the streets drinking tons of beer and they were all shooting off a ton of fireworks. Few could walk straight. Yes, some of them were throwing up. Still, I remember they were having themselves a really great time that night!

I grew up in a working class family in a western culture and when I was in my late teens, I went out on a Saturday night and drank a lot of beer and chased a lot of ladies. I've observed this behavior for teens and young adults in many countries of the west.

I want to ask, does anyone know what other people from non-western cultures did in their late teens on a Saturday night to have fun?
02:52 October 1, 2012 by recon68
Joshontour, right on, and its not just a German sterotype, many people in western european countries hold this bigoted view of ami's.
03:58 October 1, 2012 by hanskarl
@Joshontour... Well said. Maybe that is why so many ami's laugh and agree with the old Saturday Night Live skit with Kurt and Dieter. Now there is a stereotype if there ever was one!!!
07:06 October 1, 2012 by Oscar Zeta Accosta
I am perplexed by this article. "What Americans think?" Three questions are evoked by this topic: Why is it so important what the Americans think? Have you forgotten about VW and big pharma (I¦#39;m sure they don¦#39;t just organize wine tastings or gatherings to watch the Bundesliga)? If Germany has to be so self-conscious, should it be more neurotic with its image with China instead? Tides are shifting and so is relevance.

One thing that is for certain and has largely been neglected by the article and its comments is the power of the schnitzel.
08:37 October 1, 2012 by iche
My image of an Amerikan would be an extremely fat person, in white socks.
08:37 October 1, 2012 by MaKo
American image in Germany still guns and obesity
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