OPEC 1975 terror attack suspect on trial

The trial of an alleged far-left radical accused of involvement in the deadly 1975 attack on an OPEC summit began on Friday in Frankfurt, following her extradition from France last year.

OPEC 1975 terror attack suspect on trial
Photo: DPA

Sonja Suder, 79, is suspected of belonging to the Revolutionary Cells group in the 1970s and supplying weapons and explosives to a commando led by militant mastermind Carlos the Jackal for a hostage-taking at the meeting in Vienna.

Three people were killed including members of the Iraqi and Libyan delegations to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries as well as a police officer.

Convicted militant Hans-Joachim Klein has accused Suder of recruiting him to take part in the bloody Vienna siege.

She has been charged with three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Suder’s 71-year-old partner Christian Gauger is also in the dock, accused of taking part with her in several explosives or arson attacks in German cities.

The pair had fled to France in 1978 and were arrested there in 2000. Extradition to Germany was requested a year later.

But France’s highest administrative court in December 2010 quashed the pair’s bid to block extradition to Germany, clearing the way for them to be handed over last year.

They received a long round of applause from supporters as they entered the courtroom in the western city of Frankfurt.


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German police probe fatal knife attack on schoolgirl

Police were on Tuesday investigating a motive behind the fatal stabbing of a 14-year-old girl on her way to school in Baden-Württemberg in a case that made national headlines.

German police probe fatal knife attack on schoolgirl

According to police, a 27-year-old man attacked two girls on the street with a knife as they walked to school Monday morning in the small town of Illerkirchberg near Ulm.

The victim, a German girl with a Turkish family background, was revived at the scene but later died in hospital, police said.

A 13-year-old girl was also hurt in the incident but did not suffer
life-threatening injuries.

Police apprehended the suspect at “nearby asylum seekers’ accommodation”, they said.

The alleged aggressor was injured when he was stopped by police and was taken to receive medical treatment. He was currently being held in hospital under guard.

Google Maps shows the town of Illerkirchberg, which has a little over 5,000 residents, and sits on the border with Bavaria.

“We will fully investigate this terrible act,” announced Thomas Strobl, Baden-Württemberg’s Interior Minister on Monday. “We are deeply affected…when the life of an innocent child is so brutally taken.”

The crime has taken on a political dimension because the suspect is an asylum seeker from Eritrea. Several politicians from Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) used the crime to question the country’s immigration policies. 

In the statement, a police spokesperson asked people “not to harbour general suspicions against strangers, or asylum seekers in general, or to encourage or support such suspicions.”

She said she was aware “that events of this kind stir up fears and emotions.”

The Turkish ambassador to Germany, Ahmet Basar Sen, was set to visit the scene of the crime Tuesday with  Strobl, and the mayor of Illerkirchberg.

“I mourn the girl who was killed and sincerely hope that the injured girl will recover,” Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser posted on Twitter Monday.

“The police are urgently investigating the background” of the attack, she said.