Rain eases as Germany catches last rays

Rain eases as Germany catches last rays
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Germany is basking in a late-summer glow as September rolls in, with sunny days and steadily cooling nights. The rain should hold off over the weekend for most of the country, the national weather service DWD said.

Despite a showery start to Thursday over southern areas of the country, the sky should be clear later. That is set to continue into the night, when temperatures are set to hover between 13 degrees Celsius on the coast and four degrees in more hilly areas – signalling the end of humid summer nights.

Generally, skies should stay clear with the occasional smattering of cloud. Rain has not been forecast for the evening, the DWD said on Thursday, but added that fog could build up in the small hours.

But on Friday the sun should burn any lingering fog from the night before away, giving way to a bright September day with highs between 20 and 26 degrees in the south and south west. Northern states may well stay cooler though, as a thin layer of rain clouds could keep temperatures between 17 and 20 degrees.

The wind will be blowing a gentle breeze over all of the country except for the northern coastlines, where stormy gusts should be expected.

Drizzly rainfall has been forecast for the north and northeastern states throughout Friday night, but elsewhere it should remain dry and clear with temperatures between six and 13 degrees Celsius.

By Saturday, any hint of rain from the night before should have vanished as the entire day is forecast to be bright and sunny – even if there are some cloudy patches still in the northeastern parts of Germany.

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People in the southwestern regions of Germany have particularly warm weather to look forward to, as the DWD has forecast highs of 27 degrees. In the north it will stick around 20 degrees though.

These warm daytime temperatures should drop significantly after the sun sets, hitting lows of six degrees Celsius in higher parts of the country and 15 degrees in the warmer lowlands.

Sunday should bring another day of sunshine, making the weekend much better than the previous one’s washout. The whole country would be staying sunny with highs of 38 degrees in the south west.

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