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Young men launch pro-circumcision petition

The Local · 30 Jul 2012, 17:55

Published: 30 Jul 2012 17:55 GMT+02:00

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The pro-circumcision petition, which the three men have called Wir gegen Rechtsbeschneidung meaning “together against snipping off our rights” has garnered more than 300 signatures in just a few weeks and is growing.

Hosted on the change.org website, founders Mike Delberg, Michael Groys und Anil Celik will present the petition to the German government when they get 1,000 signatures.

A Cologne court criminalised non-medical circumcision last month, outraging Jews and Muslims around the world.

The men behind the petition believe that the right to circumcise, and the right to be circumcised is one of the most important parts of both Judaism and Islam.

They challenge German courts prescribing when or if a person can practise such a vital part of their religion.

They claim that the new ruling curtails their rights, and say Muslims and Jews will have to travel out of the country they live in to obtain a legal circumcision.

The furore and uncertainty has spread beyond German borders. Austria's Jewish community (IKG) said on Monday it was working jointly with its German and Swiss counterparts to keep religious circumcision legal, after repeated calls for an end to the practice.

The IKG was organising an international coordinating group with the Jewish communities in neighbouring Germany and Switzerland, IKG president Oskar Deutsch told the Austria Press Agency on Monday.

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In Germany too, MPs adopted a cross-party motion calling on the government to protect religious circumcision.

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Your comments about this article

18:49 July 30, 2012 by cheeba
What is confusing about all of these articles is that they make the distinction between religious circumcision and medically necessary circumcision, but where do athiests and people who's religion does not call for circumcision stand? Would those parents be allowed to circumcise or would the child be protected?
19:28 July 30, 2012 by friedenstempel
Apparently they are clueless about the penal law interpretation. No one criminalised circumcision, the Court just identified it as a body injury and indemnified the doctor from criminal liability.

German muslims usually do not circumcise their children, it is a mere Jewish tradition (not practised by liberal jews). It is dangerous for the development of your child and should be discouraged in an enlightened environment. Archaic practices without medical purpose do not make any sense, they are highly immoral, a playground for religious fanatics.
20:08 July 30, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Stoning is still practiced in some countries. I am glad it is not practiced in Germany even though I am sure it is infringing on some radical religious groups freedoms. I can see no reason why religious practice requiring circumcision cannot be satisfied by medical circumcision upon the concent of the child when capable of giving concent.
20:22 July 30, 2012 by cheeba
Actually there was an unmarried couple stoned to death in northern Mali yesterday, I just read about on the AP wire and also at washingtonpost.com

Their neighbors believed they were doing the right thing as religious people.
20:44 July 30, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Old religious practices that have no place in the modern world. The German courts are just outlawing another stupid one in Germany. Nothing wrong with that. Only die hard fundamenta religious freaks fight to keep these practices alive. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-19053442
22:17 July 30, 2012 by auslanderus
Religion is bashed here for everything. But yet I am willing to bet that none of these bashers have ever read bible nor touched one. The most read book on the planet but everyone knows how bad it is and not one has read a single page. Everyone know so much about the bible but know nothing. So sad.
23:34 July 30, 2012 by ProfessorBrianMorris
Even more important than religion is the right of parents to ensure better health and hygiene by having their baby boy circumcised. The first evidence-based policy statement on infant male circumcision found that benefits exceeded risks by over 100 to one. Even more if the trivial nature of minor 'complications' versus the many deaths from preventable cancers such as of the penis that afflicts 1 in 1,000 uncircumcised males, the prostate, a very common cancer that circumcision affords 15-50% protection against, and cervical cancer in the female partner(s), which is on average twice as great if her male partner is uncircumcised. The policy statement, published in a peer-reviewed journal is available for free download by searching for "Infant male circumcision: an evidence-based policy statement" (Open Journal of Preventive Medicine 2012; 2: 79-92). Infancy is the best time to circumcise, not later, when barriers are considerable .. Search for "A 'snip' in time: what is the best age to circumcise?" (BMC Pediatrics 2012; 12 (article 20): 1-15).
23:46 July 30, 2012 by Münsterklaus
Come on... easy solution: establish an age of consent for non medically required body modifications (from breast implants, tattoos or elf ears to circumcision) and just wait for it.

You are, let's say, 16 and want to cut down a piece of your penis? Perfect. Apply for it.


Not your parents, your shaman or the religious police.

It is so easy like that. Mutilating babies just because your "god", your "beliefs" or your "tradition" say it, it is just bizarre. Please, don't do it in Germany, if I have something to say. Go to Mali, to Yemen, to the USA or to the blessed land where you feel more comfortable. As soon as possible.
00:00 July 31, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Totally against forcing religious hoodoo on young children who have not had the chance to decide for themselves. Whilst circumcisim is probably beneficial I cannot understand why it must be done the old fashioned and painful way. If the parents really had the welfare of the child at heart they would circumcise their boy on medical grounds under anestetic.
00:01 July 31, 2012 by JustMeSaying
The question is, why should religious people ALWAYS have to adapt, carve out and compromise their faith in order to satisfy, accommodate or meet the requests of the non-religious people? Why can't it for once be the other way?

Has faith no values anymore?
01:09 July 31, 2012 by cheeba

Those townspeople who stoned that adulterous couple to death in northern Mali felt exactly the same way. They are following their good book, just like the parent who circumcised his child.


Since you are knowledgable, does female circumcision as an infant have any effect positive or negative on cancer rates? If they do peer review studies on boys, why not girls? Everyone says this is culture and not religion, but if we drag cancer as the reason then certainly we should do the same risk/reward studies for both, right? Should be no problem since we know many millions of girls are circumcised.
03:45 July 31, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Who cares what Germans think? They are going extinct with a 1.6 replacement rate.

All that will be left are moslems... who get circumcised.

500,000,000 moslems, 150 million Americans, 10,000,000 jews are circumcised. So am I. We are fine... find something else to worry about like why you are dying off.
06:54 July 31, 2012 by Ozichick
@cheeba - you make a valid point but don't expect an honest answer from the religion which is in favour of it. Cutting off a girl's clitoris is all about men's sexual regression and has absolutely nothing to do with either health or religion. Men who are in favour of the mutilation of a female's sexual organ are so obsessed with sex and their penis that the thought of their wives, daughters or sisters getting pleasure out of the sexual act, or indeed self-gratification, is intolerable to them. Until Judaism and Islam get out of the year 5767 (?) nothing will change.
06:57 July 31, 2012 by Hugh77
"more than 300 signatures in just a few weeks"? That's not very many at all.

Professor Morris modestly refrains from saying that he is an author or co-author of most of the studies he cites. He has never seen a reason he didn't like to cut a male's genitals, including "to prevent bathroom splatter" and "to prevent zipper injury". He has said on Australian TV that infant circumcision should be compulsory (so much for parental rights!). He is one of a small group of advocates - including those all those who carried out the African studies - who seem to want to abolish the (male) foreskin from the world.

@auslanderus: if you are Christian, Gal 5:2 "...if you become circumcised, Christ is of no value to you." But in any case, Gen 17:12 says not only your sons but your slaves must be circumcised.

@justmesaying: Whenever religious people want to impose their views - or their knives - on others, they will be resisted. Do you support the right of Muslims to slash their son's heads on AshurA? If not, how can it be right to cut part right off?
09:09 July 31, 2012 by blackboot11
@ auslanderus: you a sounding like the 'Bible Thumper Christians' from the USA who have no place in lawmaking for all either there in the USA or here in Deutschland.

I totall agree with Berlin fuer alles and their statement:

'Old religious practices that have no place in the modern world...',

as well as most of the other 'anti circumcisim' comments here.

The gathering of 300 signatures in a 'few weeks' hardly sounds like the people of a 3.5 million+ city are with you on this one....
17:00 July 31, 2012 by cheeba
I just went to look myself at change.org and discovered that yes, there are a few hundred signing the Germany wide petition in favor of circumcision. (Germany having 80 million plus people). On the other hand there were thousands signing the petition to the German Justice minister demanding that the practice be made illegal. Just sayin.....
17:21 July 31, 2012 by ITAMAR

"Until Judaism and Islam get out of the year 5767 (?) nothing will change..."

That is true but every religion has its basic laws which exsist for tousends of years.

The circumcision is a basic law in Judaism ,the Jews keep it and it is so important that even the non religious persons keep it,they do it from their own will ,nobody force them.you have full right to limit that procedure in Europe, the Jews are minority in Germany and the majority make the law,but you can not force the
18:20 July 31, 2012 by JackieNO
Is it not WAY CREEPY for young men to want others to cut penis parts off of young male babies (children). That is sick and way out there.

These creepatoids miss the essential and most basic right of a human to have all of his/her natural body.

These creepatoids miss the child's religious right, to express THEIR own religious beliefs and not be mutilated.

What they want would clearly violate the BDR constitution (Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland) ? (2) Everyone has the right to life and to inviolability of his person. The freedom of the individual is inviolable.

How is it that they will not protect the child¦#39;s right to all of his body, all of his erogenous tissue, all of his nerve endings and his full sensory system?

It's about time someone stood up to these wackos who still believe that the genital mutilation of baby boys is an acceptable practice in the 21st century. If they want to chop off parts of their own penis let them. But doing it to a defenseless baby is, or should be, a crime.
20:14 July 31, 2012 by ITAMAR
"These creepatoids miss the child's religious right, to express THEIR own religious beliefs and not be mutilated."

The Jewish religion recommend of that procedure to the parents who wish their son to be belong to the J
22:01 August 1, 2012 by Katinkaxx
@cheeba: "but where do athiests and people who's religion does not call for circumcision stand? Would those parents be allowed to circumcise or would the child be protected?"

According to the ruling of the Cologne court, atheist parents wouldn't be allowed to circumcise their children either. It would only be allowed to circumcise minors for medical reasons, e.g. a birth defect. Vague reasons such as "better hygiene" would not be considered to fall into that category.

The court ruling applies to all non-medical circumcisions, no matter who performs them or who the parents are. However, in practice only Muslims and Jewish people are affected. There has never been a trend in Germany to circumcise children for any other than those two reasons (clear medical indication or religion). The overwhelming majority of German men who are not Muslim or Jewish are not circumcised.
01:40 August 4, 2012 by yuri_nahl
I am lucky to have not been circumcised. I was therefore doomed to a life of fairly blister free masturbation. I can now also have the jewelry of my choice attached to my foreskin. Such as, the Janet Jackson replica sun around her nipple which shocked so many people who believe in a flat earth , or a baby octopus, or a replica of my big toe. I can't imagine how any one would come up with the idea of cutting off a screaming baby's penis tip. He must have been a cruel psychopath.
12:38 August 4, 2012 by ITAMAR

if somebody who does it is a" cruel psychopath" so we have millions of them sick all over the world, do you like to close all of them in Psychiater hospidals or do you rather preffer to consult with a psychiater if it is really sickness...
18:43 August 4, 2012 by yuri_nahl

I am an adult and if I want a piece of my body cut off, I can get someone to cut it off for me, or do it myself. If I realized someone had cut off part of my body when I was a new born baby, I would want to find the person and cut off their penis tip for them and see how they like it.
17:34 August 5, 2012 by ITAMAR
Yuri nahi

I understand your anger and disagreement.

At least in my country I have never heard of a case in which a Moslem or a Jewish persons who were circumsized as kids, and sued their parents..as adults....
11:37 August 15, 2012 by Supermog
Germany is a modern democratic republic, where the majority of the men are intact, and the majority of the people prefer it that way. The laws apply to all, regardless of their personal beliefs. The custom of genital cutting by certain groups is an anomaly which should have been corrected centuries ago, the opportunity to do so must be taken now, and the Judge in Cologne has made a start. If those who want to cut children want to do it, they can leave Europe, and stay away. The law would apply only to children, adults may do as they please, though few men would volunteer then. Which is why the perpetrators of this sexual crime do it to babies.

Ignore Prof. Brian Morris's entreaties, he quotes only lies and exaggerations; he is a circumfetishist who derives pleasure from genital mutilation. And he befriended Vernon Quaintance, paedophile.
21:41 August 23, 2012 by Bleichroeder
Here is an example of state sanctioned German concern for the well-being of Jewish babies:


One should examine oneself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others. ~Moliere
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