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Ten German Olympic moments

Ten German Olympic moments
Photo: DPA
With the excitement about to bubble over into a volcano of sport in London, we dive into the lava with a special Local List of Germany's most memorable Olympic moments. Some tragic, some triumphant, some just terrific.

Perhaps you have already resolved to unplug your TV and switch off your router for the duration, in which case we can’t help you. The Olympics are here at last!

As Germans settle in for two full weeks of Olympic delirium, possibly tinged with relief that surface-to-air missiles are being posted on rooftops in London rather than Berlin or Munich, they will no doubt reminisce about past glories with some internal montage sequences.

In case you can’t remember all of Germany’s big moments, we offer you this more or less chronological list of Germany’s Olympic history, from the dark days of 1936 to the sentimental triumph of one weightlifter in Beijing. Enjoy!

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