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Hitler bomb plot ceremony marred by row

The Local · 21 Jul 2012, 15:09

Published: 21 Jul 2012 15:09 GMT+02:00

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The memorial ceremony, in which 400 new recruits beginning their now voluntary German military service vow their allegiance, has for the past four years taken place on the square in front of the Reichstag parliament building.

But this year’s ceremony on Friday was moved to outside the Bendlerblock building – historically the headquarters of the Wehrmacht and the site of the Memorial to the German Resistance.

The move was not welcomed by the German Armed Forces Association, who said the symbolism of the Reichstag as a location was more suitable for the occasion.

“The square in front of the Reichstag was a good choice for the vows because of its proximity to the representation of the German people and democracy,” vice president of the association Wolfgang Schmelzer told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung on Saturday. “We would have welcomed the decision to keep it.”

The ceremony, which has taken place every year since 1999, is intended to remind today’s young recruits of the bravery of the soldiers who, under the leadership of ringleader Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, attempted to kill Hitler 68 years ago on July 20th 1944.

In his speech to the new recruits, Defence Minister Thomas de Maizière said the military plot against Hitler was also an example for today’s German army.

Over a year after compulsory military service was abolished, 400 volunteers publicly vowed their allegiance to the German army, pledging to “serve Germany truly and to valiantly defend the rights and the freedom of the German people.”

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The recruits represented the around 1,400 new male and female volunteers who began their military service on July 1.

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Your comments about this article

16:49 July 21, 2012 by German-American
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
18:12 July 21, 2012 by Englishted
@ German-American

Some very good points ,however the Russians were only fighting back against a aggressor,and if you think " stupid Americans and British in the West" were wrong in a battle against Nazism you are gravely mistaken.
19:19 July 21, 2012 by Research1
I too wish that Claus von Stauffenberg had walked up to Hitler that day and put a bullet in his head. But he didn¦#39;t. In that case the war would have ended nearly a year earlier and millions lives would have been saved. Many German cities would have been spared total destruction. Germany and Berlin would have most likely not been divided. However, I was not living in Nazi Germany at that time and I now have the pleasure of hindsight when making these comments. We only know what those who were loyal to Hitler have told us of the complete details of the operation as well as what was recorded by the Reich itself. All those involved were murdered within days and most directly involved were murdered within hours. Unfortunately they cannot tell us of their mindset when planning this operation. If they could we may find that it was a tactical operation that had some flaws. The lack of its success regrettably is a point of argument even 68 years later.
19:30 July 21, 2012 by acserv
Yes, I can name them. 1.Gunther Korten 2.Heinz Brandt 3.Rudolf Schmundt 4.Heinz Berger. If I recall Brandt was a member of a horse event during the 1936 Olympics. I have been to Schmundt's grave marker in Berchtesgaden, he is buried in Berlin. Berger was just a note taker. I' am planning another trip to the Wolf's Lair in 2014 to mark the 70th anniversiary. I'am sorry these soldiers got killed and the losses to there family.
21:22 July 21, 2012 by trevor999
You know, I'm really astonished at the lack of thought and information here. Yes Stauffenberg and the rest of the conspirators were heroes, but only to a point. Had they succeeded they had no plans to unconditionally surrender to the western allies or to Stalin, or to fundamentally change the regime. Certainly not disbanding or liquidating the Nazi's. They all lived in a "ku-ku cloud land" where they thought they could could negotiate with the western allies and continue to fight the Bolsheviks in the east. Some even thought that they could get the western allies to join the fight against the Bolsheviks. Rommel was under this delusion.

And as far as the crying for the 4 staff officers that were killed, these men were responsible, either directly or indirectly, for the planning and execution of the operations of the Wehrmacht. You know, those loveable rascals that invaded Poland, France, the Low Countries, North Africa, Russia, Yugoslavia, Norway etc. How many deaths were they responsible for? Why didn't one of them draw a pistol and shoot Hitler?
14:25 July 22, 2012 by Al uk
@German-American could you clarify your "stupid Americans and British" statement?
01:44 July 23, 2012 by Northshore

Regarding the self-defense Rubbish about the Russians, I guess you missed the day in history class where they covered the Russians invading Poland from the east and the Germans and Russians meeting up in the middle with champagne and splitting the newly minted Poland down the middle, and other fun facts like the Katyn massacre, first genocidal attack in WW 2! Well we all know about the British school system, and most only stay until Grade 8. hehe
06:20 July 23, 2012 by German-American
It is interesting that those who lack the ability to dicuss an issure based on fact resorts to attacking those they disagree with.

It has been well proved that Stalin was about to invade Europe prior to the German invasion in 1941, even Russian scholars aknowledge this now. Please people, study, research and learn, do not repeat talkbrain washed ing points. Yes, the Americans were stupid, as were the Brits. They should have joined the Germans in taking down Stalin, the peoples of Eastern Europe will agree. By the way, why did England NOT declare war on BOTH Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939, afterall they had guaranteed Poland from attack and Poland was indeed "attacked", by the Soviet Union that is. The Germans were addressing the Danzig issue and Polish atrocities vs. the German minority, which is also a fact despite all the self loathing by modern brain washed fools.

Stauffenberg died a traitors death and desrved to die a traitor death. In the United States an American Army Major attacked and killed fellow Comrades at Ft. Hood Texas, he is being tried as atritor, there i NO sympathy for him, likewise there was an American soldier at the onset of the war in 2003 who killed fellow comrades by throwing a granade into their tent, he was addressed as a killer and a traitor.

Why were these two killers and traitors for killing fellow Comrades and yet Stauffenberg is a hero for the cowardly act of stashing a bomb under a tabl and running away??? The answer, Germany has been reprogrammed to walk on its knees and honor rapists (Soviets) and deny the honor that i due its own heros. What a shame for such a Nation that has contributed so much to Western Christian Civilization.
18:30 July 23, 2012 by Englishted

You are so sharp however we don't have grade8 in England in fact we don't go in grades at all we go in years , never mind you must be a yank .

On your more important point I was referring to the fact that Germany did attack the USSR and therefore the attack against German can be called self defense.

Poland is another issue but my comment was about German aggression.

But please enlighten me as to the "first genocidal attack in WW 2 ".

Because that depends on when ww2 started ,the USA was not involved in 1939 nor the USSR ,but China and Japan started earlier and the rape of Nanking may be classed as a "first genocidal attack " ,at is all down to perspectives.

P.S. Please The Local remove and ban the Nazi going by the name of German-American. thank you.
21:02 July 23, 2012 by Whipmanager
Englishted: I am a bit surprised you wish to sensor German-American. It is by hearing/reading the thoughts of those that we are opposed to that we can actually see who they are(figuratively) and where they are coming from (politically) so that we can be prepared for them when they come in force.
05:35 July 24, 2012 by German-American
@Englishted , yes, by all means, remove my words and ban my ability to engage in intellectual freedom, because you disagree with my thoughts. How very Sovie and intellectually bankrupt. That is the problem in much of Europe today, where people are put in prison for mere thought, now tell me again about horrible Nazis.... There are more prisioners of thought in so called "democracies" in Europe today anywhere else in the World.

@ UncleVanya, please, there was no desire on the part of Hitler to "take over the world". Nor actually was there a desire on the part of the Japanese either. The Japanese did have a concept of a Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, which did not include Colonial domination by Europeans, interestingly many liberals now think Colonialism is a bad thing.

Many posts here contain emotionally charged oversimplifications and statements that cannot withstand real historical research. Please, get your infromation from sources other than fiction and TV and Hollywood.

Can someone explain why England did not declare war on the Soviet Union for its breach of Polish borders in 1939??? and frankly why did England care if the Germans took back historically German territory which was inhabited by majority Germans any way? England will go to war tomorrow if Argintina takes the Falklands back.
06:47 July 24, 2012 by Purple_Heart2004
This is a good topic. No one should be banned and the first post should not have been removed, it was not profane. As an Ex-Soldier, I agree, that if a fellow Soldier did or does what Stauffenburg did, especially in a time of war, he should expect to be treated as a traitor. When I was stationed in Germany, I thought it was sad that it lacked real national pride and spent so much time being guilty for having been a great power. I remember once some buddies and I went to Berlin and I said the Germans should tear down all the russian memorials in Berlin and use the materials to build a memorial to the millions of little girls and women and even old ladies that were gang raped by russians. A German heard me and about passed out, but one old timer smiled in agreement. I am an American, I fought in Iraq, I will say that America was wrong to fight in Iraq and America was wrong to fight Germany. Germany, like America needs to reaccess a lot of what has been taught and what has been forced to be accepted for the last 75 years, we ned a revival of sort regarding truth in history. Politicians lie, Bush lied, and FDR and Churchill lied.
16:32 July 24, 2012 by Englishted
"and frankly why did England care if the Germans took back historically German territory which was inhabited by majority Germans any way? "

Poland historically German ,not even East Prussia was historically German.

If you knew any history you would know Hitler asked for Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia, and Britain (to her shame) complied ,next he took it all .

The only time Hitler did keep his word that was when he declared war on the U.S.A. in support of Japan .

One more point the Falklands have never belonged to Argentina and the population is of British origin,whether they could be handed over to the Argentinians is debatable ,but Britain does keep its word for example handing Hong Kong back at the end of its lease from China.
16:56 July 24, 2012 by Purple_Heart2004
@unclevanya, unless you have been in combat, you have no basis to make that statement regarding my "smarts". For you to say that the russians were justified in raping as many women, as they did, it was over 2 million, because the germans had it coming marks you as both foolish and more. There is also a misconception that people often make, some people like to say it was all about the Nazis. What I said was it was mistake to fight the Germans. Given the choice at that time, and my grandfather agres by the way, we should have fought with the Germans vs. Stalin. The biggest undiscused war crime was the carpet bombing of German civilian areas, the specific targeting of civilians by the allied military, Bomber Harries should have been hung and that memorial in London should be torn down. As soldiers we do not honor this type of conduct.

I also beg to correct a "Englishted", the Falklands are not historiclly english, save for the once great English Navy and the only reason England retruned Hong Kong was because China had become a major poer nd had it attempted to keep it, The Red Dragon would have kicked the Brits out.
23:42 July 24, 2012 by Purple_Heart2004
@unclevanya, "unless you have been in combat, you have no basis to make that statement regarding my "smarts". I did NOT say you had to be in combat to render an opinion Re: conduct by the Germans. Your statement Re: the British and Bomber Harris is absolute rubbish. The Germans were prosecuted for the exact same tactics. You are ratonalizing what the Allies deemed "War Crimes" . The aggressors in th War were the troublemakers who pulled Churchill' and FDR's strings in the 30's. As to War Crimes, the British are guilty of War Crimes, need I sat Dresden and Hamburg?? AS far as the conduct of the German Army in Russia, it was fr more honorable than that of the Red Army in 1944/45. No one discusses the Soviet Partisan activity behind German lines, which is illegal under the rules of war. By the way, the Soviets had refused to sign the Geneva Convention, so under what premise do you judge War Crimes in the Soviet Union? Soviets attacked German Field Hospitals in 1941 and attacked German Army Chaplains who were providing the first Mass to Ukrainians since 1920. Interesting this is not known?? I learned this at West Point.
06:24 July 25, 2012 by German-American
@unclevanya, sir, with all due respect, all you have done is repeat anti-German "talking points". NONE of anything you have posted has any basis in fact. The entire content of your post is rhetoric. When I read your rubbish, the term usefull idiot comes to mind, a term Lennin coined.

1) Dresden had NO military value and was in fact overflowing with refuges fleeing the Soviets and their system of Rape and Slaughter. Need I descripe the young girls who were gang raped and then had breasts cut off?? The London Blitz, came about as a result of British bombing of Berlin, prior to that, the Luftwaffe had bombed british Radar and air fields. The British have a sorted history of targeting women, children and civilian areas, as do Americans. Bomber Harris and his thugs should all be noted as the butchers they are. I hope to one day urinate on their new memorial and leave a nice pile of fecal mater at its feet.

The Wehrmact acted honorably, as compared to the occupation of so called Civilized Nations of England and France and of course the "Chritian United States. The Soviets do not even rank in this area. You cannot even bring yourself to state that the Soviets conduct vs. women, children and the old was even criminal, I therefore question the humanity of such a person.

Finally, it is a well established fact that the Soviets wre on the verge of invading Europe, they had dominated the Baltic States and the Ukraine, thus these people treated the Germans as liberators. Even today Waffen SS Divisions are still honored in these Nations, of course they have a sense of honor and being on the right side of history, which the British and Americans were not and they know it today.
04:09 July 26, 2012 by Purple_Heart2004
@UncleVanya, your logic remains defective and your morals are highly questionsable. I too like the idea of dumping on the Brits memorials to war criminals. Perhaps someday you will come to terms with the horrific crimes of your family who died in vain fighting so Chruchill could be on the wrong side of history.

Under your swisted logic Re: Dresden being a military Traget, then London was legitimatesince the British was conducting war planning and operations from London. Too bad the Germans did not have more V-1's and V-2's and laced their warheads with Tabun Gas, but then again, the Germans did NOT enagge in half the reported "crimes" you report. Churchill wanted to use poison gas in bombing of German Cities, goes to show you the character.

I will ask you point blank, was the Soviet Rape of over 2 million german women, litle girls and old ladies a War Crime, a simple yes or no? Yes, Germans do have cause to object, when the Allies where blatant hypocrites.
18:34 July 26, 2012 by Purple_Heart2004
@ UncleVanya, I see you still will not say that he Soviets rape and murder of German women, little girls, some as young as 6 years old, and old ladies, some as old as 80 was a War Crime, whyu you will not state this crearly speaks volumnes to your outright hatred and comeplete lak of objective morality. So liet me ask you, was the Soviet execution of Poles in at Kaytan a War Crime? If so why was Soviet atrocities aganst Poles criminal and atrocities against German Women, little girls, and old women?? We know the answer, your outright hatred of Germans speaks volumes. Furrther more are Israels policis of ethinic cleansing in Gaza and the West Bank criminal? Are Israel's policies directed against civilians in these areas criminal? I only ask this since you changed the subject of the discussion from WWII to WWI.

As to the possibility of nuclear capabilities, I do wish the Germans had developed this ability and had deployed it on Moscow and London in order to end the war. It would have sent the Ameruicans back home in a hurry and England would have got their head out of their rear and joined the war against Communism, as they should have in the first place. You mention the French, they never should have been a factor after June 1940, they officially and legally surrendered.

Gulags, were in the Soviet Union and more than a hundered million died or suffered, yet it is not referred to as a "holocaust".

12 million Ukrainains were forcibly starved to death in 1936/37 by Stalin, yet it is not referred to as a "holocaust"

Americans genocided American Indians, comepleted with blankets ladden with small pox and Army troops killing women and children, yet it is not refrred to as a "holocaust"

As to the "civilized world", the British, Americans and above all Soviets have no moral authority to claim that title.
18:09 July 27, 2012 by German-American

Purple_Heart2004 is a person of honor who has served his Country and would seem to have also been wpunded in that effort, he has a well thought out perspective based on historical fact, unlike you you have merely spattered this page with anti-German talking points. You have refused to state that the Soviet actions in eastern Germany vs. women and children and the old were war crimes and you approve of targeting civilians, something specificlly prohibited under conduct of war, I dare say sir you have moral defects. Your statement that "there needs to be some assurance that Germany is never pushed to war", in fact let's have that assurance as to England, which has been the warmonger throughout history, even as recently as 2003 when Blare was willing to be Bush's political slut in Iraq. England has more blood on ints collective hands than any Nation as a result of its colonial history, which is a larger holocaust than anything that may have ocurred in the years 39-45, which cannot even be debated in many Ntions for fear of prision. Imagine that, persons face jail for reserach and debate. That does not appear to be a characteristic of a "democracy".

In the end, you have failed to answer as to Soviets directly, but you have loud and clear, you say it was OK the Soviets to gang rape women, little girls, old women and you beleive it is OK to target civilan areas.

Therefore it is NOT a crime for Hamas to fire rockets into Israeli cities, afterall this may break the will of Israel's desire to continue to genocide and steal more land that does not belong to them, that was your logic, breaking the will to fight.

Let's face it, you are a anti-German biggot and by the way, I am very sure Americans are welcome in Europe, Churchill was on his knees begging FDR to come to Europe and Europeans will soon be on their knees again when the Euro goes don the toilet and American dollars are sought for a bailout.

Along those lines, however, interesting that Germany today is required to bailout Greece, Spain and other Nations who cant manage their finances, and if Germany objects, the illogical guilt trip is applied.

I say if Germany has to pay other Nations debts, then germany should hve some real concessions, such as the return of ALL of its land stolen form it east of the Oder Rive and the return of the Sudetenland, which was legally ceeded to Germany by International Treaty, signed by France and England and aknowledgement of the ethnic cleansing of its people in 45-48. I prefer to have the German boot up the rear end of England, its time for that immoral Ntion to disolve.
03:01 July 28, 2012 by Purple_Heart2004
@UncleVanya, absent American intervention in BOTH WW, the Germans would have won, and should have won. The British today, as then cannnot fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

The Germans proved they were the most effective and honorable fighting men in history. We all remember Rommel, Gudarian, Manstein, et al. No one knows or care who wore the General uniform of the British Army, in fact "Monty" ended up having to depend on his pension and was robbed in his rtirement, goes to show how much regard he was held by his "countrymen", typical british.
19:56 July 28, 2012 by Purple_Heart2004
Point for point, you are factually incorect:

"During its invasion of Poland Wehrmacht units killed thousands of Polish civilians through executions and the terror bombing of cities. Towns and villages were burned; the Wehrmacht carried out mass executions and many incidents of plunder, banditry and murder. In many cases large groups of Polish soldiers were murdered after capture" INCORECT, BUT YOU YOURSELF PREVIOULSY SAID THE BOMBING OF CITIES IS A JUSTIFIED TACTIC IN WAR SO AS TO BREAK THE WILL OF THE OPPONENT TO FIGHT, ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN SATTEMENT, THIS IS NOT A WAR CRIME. IN POLAND, THIS ONLY OCCURED IN AREAS WHERE THE POLES REFUSED TO SURRENDER. ALSO, YOU REFUSE TO PROVIDE SPECIFICS, AS USUAL, YOU PROVIDE VAGE GENERALITIES.

"In the summer of 1940, Reinhard Heydrich, the chief of the Reich Main Security Office (including the Gestapo) noted that: "...compared to the crimes, robberies and excesses committed by the Wehrmacht, the SS and the police don't look all that bad"." THIS STATEMENT IS KNOWN TO BE FRAUDULENT.

"Many rapes were committed by Wehrmacht forces during the Invasion of Poland. In addition throughout the campaign Wehrmacht engaged in widespread theft and plunder of Polish citizen's property. Through the 3rd of November 1939 Wehrmacht sent to the Nazi Germany 10.000 train wagons with stolen property including agricultural machinery, furniture and food." AGAIN, YOU MAKE A VAGUE AND GENERALIZED STATEMENT. IN FACT IN EACH WEHRMACT SOLDATEN PAYBOOK WAS SPECIFIC ORDERS AS TO HOW THEY WERE TO CONDUCT THEMSELVES, RAPE AND THEFT WAS SPECIFICALLY CONDUCTED. IN FACT THERE ARE PEOPLE TODAY, INCLUDING THOSE ON THE CHANNEL ISLANDS WHO SPEAK TO THE QUALITY OF GERMAN SOLDIERS AND HOW THEY PURCHASED ITEMS FROM THE SHOPS FROM AREAS UNDER THEIR OCCUPATIONS, AS TO RAPE, THAT WAS TABOO IN GERMAN CULTURE. REMEBER ACCORDING TO YOU WE GERMANS ARE BIG RACISTS, WHY WOULD WE RAPE A INFERIOR RACE??

In the Soviet Union women were kidnapped by German forces for prostitution. In the city of Smolensk the German Command opened a brothel for officers in one of the hotels into which hundreds of women and girls were driven; "they were mercilessly dragged down the street by their arms and hair." ABSOLUTE FANTASY, THIS IS HPPENING TODAY IN ISRAEL HOWEVER WHERE EASTERN EUROPEAN GIRLS ARE IM,PORTED INTO ISRAEL UNDER THE LIE OF BEING HOUSEKEEPERS BUT THEN IMPRISONED AS PROISTITUTES.

In Wehrmacht POW camps prisoners in the east were regularly subject to torture, beatings and humiliation. All Jews, commissars, "intellectuals" and Muslims serving in the Red Army were either executed by the Wehrmacht or handed over to the SS to be shot. The Muslim POWs were shot because they were circumcised, and therefore might be Jewish. YOU MUST BE MAKING THIS UP AS YOU GO ALONG. THERE WERE MUSLIM WAFFEN SS UNITS.
06:25 July 30, 2012 by Purple_Heart2004
@UncleVanya, your statements have devolved into nonsense. You are making stuff up that have no basis in fact. Next you will say there was an effort by the evil Nazis to conquor the Moon, Saturn, and Pluto and place aliens into Camps in "Uranus"
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