Drunken golfer practices in central Cologne

Drunken golfer practices in central Cologne
A different, and sober, golfer hitting a ball from a rooftop. Photo: DPA
A man was arrested on Saturday for using the centre of the historic German city of Cologne as a driving range, after one of his wayward iron shots hit a taxi.

According to local newspaper Express, the taxi had just stopped to let in a new passenger when there was a loud bang against the car.

“I saw some damage on the taxi to the right of the trunk,” the startled taxi driver said. “Then I looked on the ground and found a golf ball.”

When he got out he was amazed to see the rogue golfer holding a club and repeatedly hitting balls on to the street.

The driver confronted the 44-year-old, who merely began swearing at him, packed up his clubs and walked off. According to a police report filed Sunday, the taxi driver then followed the man in his car to remonstrate with him further, and got out to confront him.

This apparently riled the golfer, who pulled out a knife and pointed at it. It is understood the cabbie decided not to be the caddy.

Police then arrested the inebriated golfer and took him to a cell to sober up. He has been arrested on charges of dangerously interfering with traffic, property damage, abusive and threatening behaviour.

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