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Merkel denies suggesting Greek vote on euro

The Local · 19 May 2012, 19:34

Published: 19 May 2012 13:54 GMT+02:00
Updated: 19 May 2012 19:34 GMT+02:00

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Merkel spoke with Greek President Karolos Papoulias on Friday, after which the Greek government said she had made such a suggestion, which her office immediately denied.

But the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on Saturday that the euro finance ministers had quietly given their Greek colleague Philippos Sachinidis the task of “creating the possibility of talking about a referendum in Athens.”

No politician has spoken openly about the idea. Merkel took the time on Friday to “inform [Papoulias] of the situation,” the paper said.

Der Spiegel magazine backed the claims, saying Merkel had suggested a referendum be held alongside general polls.

Der Spiegel however insisted the chancellor did indeed make the suggestion and added the idea had already been floated by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble during a meeting with his eurozone counterparts on Monday.

He had argued that a "yes" vote in a referendum on eurozone membership should also be an endorsement of the austerity measures decided by the previous Greek government, the news magazine reported, without naming its sources.

Merkel's purported suggestion caused a stir in Greece, where political leaders have repeatedly complained of German interference.

“The Greek people have no need for a referendum to demonstrate their choice for the euro, they have already made enough costly sacrifices to show that," said Antonis Samaras, leader of the conservative New Democracy party which won inconclusive May 6 polls.

Merkel's suggestion, "above all coming in the run-up to the election, is regrettable and unacceptable," Samaras said in a statement. "The Greek people have the right to respect from its (European) partners."

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Until now, Merkel has insisted that Greece must stick to the austerity terms in the bailout deal or risk losing access to debt funding – effectively forcing it out of the eurozone.

But in recent months, calls for the focus to be rebalanced towards growth have increased, notably with Francois Hollande's election as French president.

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Your comments about this article

14:23 May 19, 2012 by smart2012
Guys, merkel is lost.. Obama, Cameron, hollande, Monti, isolate her..
15:28 May 19, 2012 by Eastard
I disagree... The Greeks continue to find fault with anyone but themselves and Merkel is a visable target. How important is it really what she may or may not suggest about what the Greeks should do...? They almost never do what anyone suggests.. At some point the news needs to quite fueling their pathetic behaviour by burning those who are trying to help... If I were Germany, I would ask for a specific answer on whether they intend to manage their debt before I would fund them anymore... You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink...
17:56 May 19, 2012 by McM
Not sure about who said what or what opposition is having a mid life crisis but when is someone going to get serious about the rotting banana that haunts my Local news when I check out lately. I know, it pays the rent by hey give me break!
18:54 May 19, 2012 by ProgandaLady
A Referendum would have meant Democracy. There is a 0% chance she suggested it.
19:22 May 19, 2012 by smart2012
Guys, having a referendum now asking if greece should leave europe would mean to get a sure answer ie "yes". This would be the same if u ask in Germany people if they want to stay in Europe or not. Answer would be the same, ie that they want to leave eu. And the same in other eu countries. The reason is that eu political merkozy strategy failed for everyone. That is why I go back to my first note.

And to propaganda lady's point: this would not be a sign of democracy, as standard people cannot judge what is better or worse as we do not have the full picture and knowledge to answer this question. It would be a way for our management to delegate an answer that they have to figure out. And so far merkozy was not able to do it.
20:00 May 19, 2012 by ProgandaLady

'this would not be a sign of democracy, as standard people cannot judge what is better or worse as we do not have the full picture and knowledge to answer this question. It would be a way for our management to delegate an answer that they have to figure out. And so far merkozy was not able to do it. '

oh people are so stupid, aren't they? Its a miracle they are allowed to vote at all. Good thing there are smart people like you to tell them what to do.
21:26 May 19, 2012 by holyindus
All the European leaders must understand that pure economic cycle is at play in Europe. This is very natural process and inevitable. Some of the european countries (EU minus France and Germany) thrived on agriculture, industries and services that required relatively low labour cost,were labour intensive and required relatively low IQ (routine).As the cost of labour input increased these jobs were gradually outsourced to Asian countries. Please mind that these jobs form major employment in any country.

The mindless European leaders kept on spending money to keep their electorate happy by taking debt from the rich partners. As a result this caused an upward-shift in the the lifestyle of the population and the spending habits changed (high wine and dine). With low population growth or even negative population growth in some countries and weak demogaphics made industries in their region to look for new cost effective places to setup their factories. This vicious cycle spiralled down and all the these low end and middle end jobs moved to Asia.

When few of these countries which will inveitably fail and they will be forced to move out of the euro zone then the unemployment will peak. As a result in the labour cost in the region will come down substantially (at competitive levels as in China or India). And if such a situation hangs on in for few years coupled with austerity measure in place then the people will be forced to balance their lifestyle. If there is positive population growth (and demographics) in the region then again demographics will be in faour of this entire region as a result low end/low tech/low IQ mass employment generating service and manufacturing jobs will return back to these european countries.Untill then Europeans will have to bear this pain.

On the lighter side on austerity plan, Germany wants the people of Greece, Spain, Italy etc to give up the habit of WINE and instead develop the habit of BEER as days of fine wine and dine are over.
22:45 May 19, 2012 by wolfgang60
Before attacking others be sure that the person been attacked will not found the pandora box or else it becomes nasty.
23:11 May 19, 2012 by rizzcool78
When it goes wrong, it becomes easy to blame. Merkel tried her best to keep the EU countries together. One must remember, that in the game of International politics, there are countries who won´t favor the integrated Europe and here the chance for them. No doubt Greece responsibility is far greater, to utilize the financial support given. However, EU stretched themselves to far with the bail out packages, resulting in the current situation.
10:25 May 20, 2012 by siddal
Europe as a place we can all be chums is a good idea and in fact didn´t need German interference to achieve since it was already so.

The Germans have something completely different, they have a political agenda and that will turn very nasty.

Don´t want to see your bullying, Merkel, it ain´t pretty and and it ain´t smart.
12:04 May 20, 2012 by smart2012
@propaganda lady. If u read my comment I consider myself a stupid too on eu matters, as I (we) cannot judge on this matter. I am actually a very high democratic person

@holyindus: I agree with u, except that France and Germany are facing the same issue... Do not be blind, and if u think Germany can make it on its own, propose merkel that Germany leaves eu. This would save eu
10:29 May 21, 2012 by AlexR
This is hilarious. Just few months ago, the Greek Prime Minister has announced a similar referendum and Merkel got furious. Immediately Merkozy summoned the Greek PM at the G20 meeting in France, where they demanded to take back the announcement or no money will be given. The referendum was canceled. Now, it's the same Merkel who is proposing a referendum, the very same Merkel who was strictly against it few months back.

@Eastard: "How important is it really what she may or may not suggest about what the Greeks should do...? They almost never do what anyone suggests.."

You clearly need to get informed more before posting ignorant comments. The EU/IMF/ECB have "suggested" (or better demanded) the harshest austerity program in any country in the recent history. In just two years, for example, the Greek government cut the salaries and pensions 40-50%, eliminated the Christmas/holiday bonus (that most European countries still have it), introduced at least 11 extra crisis-taxes (between 200-1000 euro each), to name a few. This resulted to reduction of the deficit as big as 7.5% of the GDP, in *just* two years; this is an unprecedented reduction for any western country in recent history. Do you or anyone you know, had their income cut in half, any bonuses eliminated and/or had to pay 11 extra taxes in just two years and not complaining about that?

What Greeks didn't manage to do (or better, fully implement) are the structural reforms. But those clearly need more time to be implemented, they cannot be completed in just two years. And I find it very hypocritical for Merkel & co to demand that when a simple 20km road construction takes 14 years to complete.

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