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Ten greatest German Hollywood villains

Ten greatest German Hollywood villains
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Ah, there you are Mr Local Reader, how nice of you to... drop in. This week’s Local List turns the spotlight – sorry, the megawatt interrogation lamp – on Germany’s cold-blooded coterie of Hollywood film villains.

From Casablanca to Indiana Jones, Germany’s history of cinema sinners runs deeper than a giant piranha tank. And like any good baddies, the Huns of Hollywood have proved pretty hard to get rid of, surviving the rise of more voguish villains like the pesky Russkies and the amoral A-rabs.

Even in the 21st century, it appears there is still nothing that strikes terror into movie-goers’ hearts quite like the squeak of leather trousers and the faint scent of pickled cabbage.

Indeed, The Local has had to display a certain ruthless streak of its own in cutting this list down to ten. So who induces the worst Teutonic terror?

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