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German words – great ones you just don’t find in English

German words - great ones you just don't find in English
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For our latest Local List, we came up with Germany's best untranslatable words. It was a long list, but we whittled it down to our favourites. Any words you think we should've included?

This was not a difficult Local List to compile – Germans have literally hundreds of words that don't exist in other languages.

That's partly because of their wonderfully-logical habit of attaching words to one another like stickle-bricks – to make new, unwieldy creatures like Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän – but also because Germans just have very peculiar, precise notions that they prefer to describe in a single noun.

Top 12 words you won't find in English!


For instance, who knew that a husband who stays out too late might need a particular word to describe the gifts he needs appease the disgruntled wife who threw his dinner away?

Check out our list to find out what that word is!

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