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Israel bans Günter Grass over poem

The Local · 8 Apr 2012, 12:05

Published: 08 Apr 2012 12:05 GMT+02:00

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Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai confirmed that Grass had been declared Persona non grata, and would not be allowed to go there again.

Yishai’s spokesman said on Sunday that Grass’ poem which he published last week had been aimed at, “fuelling the fire of hate against the State of Israel and the People of Israel.”

Grass wanted to, “further the idea that he had openly supported earlier as he had worn the uniform of the SS,” the spokesman said.

The poem said that Iran was in danger of a preventative nuclear attack from Israel which had the potential to wipe out the Iranian people and that this endangered world peace.

Grass was immediately attacked from all sides, and accused of being anti-Semitic.

A monument he backed in the Lower Saxony university town of Göttingen to commemorate a group of pro-consitution professors was this weekend covered in grafitti reading "SS-Günni, shut your mouth".

Yishai said “If Günter Grass wants to continue to spread his outlandish and lie-filled works, he should do that from Iran – he can certainly find himself an enthusiastic audience there.”

Iran has in fact lauded the poem, calling it a “literary work of human and historical responsibility”.

And Grass found some support among the Easter peace marchers on German streets at the weekend with banners in Bremerhaven reading “Günter Grass is right” and “Thankyou Günter Grass”, while speeches in Stuttgart were made supporting him.

In an interview with Munich daily Süddeutsche Zeitung which published the poem, Grass hit back at "hordes of journalists" who would allegedly rein in his freedom of expression.

“I hope that with time passing the debate will become more rational," he told the paper.

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But he admitted that if he had to rewrite the poem he would "avoid the generic term 'Israel' and show more clearly that this is above all about Netanyahu's current government"

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13:11 April 8, 2012 by Prufrock2010
This is a typically infantile Israeli reaction to criticism -- ban the messenger. Israel has similarly prevented Noam Chomsky from entering the country when he was invited to speak there. For a government that loves to rattle sabres and bully its neighbors, Israel is mighty thin-skinned when it comes to a few words on a printed page. The truth hurts, doesn't it, Bibi?
14:01 April 8, 2012 by VoodooDingy
This comedy is receiving much more attention than it deserves. What a travesty!
14:07 April 8, 2012 by raandy
In a recent poll by the Jewish community in the USA 43% of the people considered Israel the world's greatest threat while 59% of Europeans considered Israel the same.

It would appear by the numbers that the zeitgeist is blowing his way.
14:29 April 8, 2012 by ovalle3.14
We are all for freedom speech, except when it contradicts us.
15:05 April 8, 2012 by catjones
Another example of what money and a focused attention can do.
15:19 April 8, 2012 by The-ex-pat
14:29 April 8, 2012 by ovalle3.14

We are all for freedom speech, except when it contradicts us.

Or it is something the "we" do not want to hear....................
15:29 April 8, 2012 by Raydoggy
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
15:54 April 8, 2012 by Charles the Great
Jew Against Zionism agrees with the President of Iran view on the holocuast too but leave it some to believe a SS officer. I wonder who has Israel even threaten? Iran has called for Zionism to be removed and if anyone who understands the zionist movement he means Israel. I guess a old SS officer miss the old Germany of his youth
15:55 April 8, 2012 by AcrossTheBigPond
This business about Grass being in the SS is absolutely unimportant. How many Americans (or Germans for that metter) know that in the closing months of WW2, thousands of youth from 14 yrs old up (like Grass), were forcefully conscripted in Germany's last desperate gasp. Refusal meant death. These youth were drafted as simple foot-soldiers (Gerfreiter) but to enhance their morale they were immediately designated as members of the Nazi elite (but by then utter discredited) SS. So much for all this nonsense. No one - and especially no attacker of Grass, points to any behavior of his that was inhumane or anti-semitic in the slightest. On these issues, the German political culture is really depraved - witness Demanjuk, who also was never shown to have personally done more than wear the required uniform and obey orders - at the pain of immediate execution for disobedience.
16:00 April 8, 2012 by Sayer
Mr. Grass is 100% correct in his assessment, one shared by the entire thinking human race. The UNSC itself has passed 131 resolutions against Israeli behavior. That number would have been significantly higher had the US not used its veto. Think about it, it only took 1 resolution to start the carnage in Iraq, and another for the same result in Libya. By now, had the US not cast its militaristic shadow of protection over Israel, that land would have been "liberated" too, and given back to its original owners, some still holding title documents and keys.

It's definitely time to make this discussion more rational and logical. This name calling hype sure ain't it!
16:21 April 8, 2012 by Lenny1941
Grass words found some outstanding attention and applauses from Iranian Government Holocaust deniers. Why these Israelies cannot be as happy with Grass political stance/poem blaming them in a future wars and asking not supply them any more arms?

Why can't they just understand that Grass's tens of years of silence about his service in Wafen SS and as well as the outburst of his popularity with German far right and Neo-Nazis are just coincidental and has nothing to do with the Poem's good intentions. Seems like the grandsons of those who were led extermination camp continue to be a disappoint to Mr. Grass views on how they should be
16:29 April 8, 2012 by ITAMAR

Ahmed El Najar together with Hezballa and Hamas call on the destuction of our state.

Israel is a full member in the UN since resolution 181 from 29.11.47 which called to the partition of Palestine into 2 states a Jewish one and an Arab Palestinian one.

131 resolutions all of them based on the sad results of the arabs aggrressions against Israel which ended in losing wars and territories.just one resolution the arabs reject for 64 years and is the key for all the conflict-recognizzing the right of Israel to exsist inside secure borders.

The Arabs call for 64 for the elimination of Israel together with Iran and other hostile country,Now Mr. Grass join that Core , not surprising knowing his Resumee,

Now you have to understand that in Israel are living 7 millions Jews who will oppose in all means the elimination their state.
17:43 April 8, 2012 by Ronald_West
The paranoid Jewish Zionists embrace rabid anti-Semitic (USA) Christian Zionists who fully intend the Jewish Zionists will become extinct once they¦#39;ve finished the dirty work of retaking the West Bank for the Christian Zionists necrotic vision of a road to Armageddon with the suicidal philosophy of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'

Meanwhile, the anti-Zionist Jewish personalities are in an impossible state of being forced to play a game of ¦#39;shut up¦#39; or get blasted by all Zionists, Jewish and Christian, while the non-Jewish anti-Zionist is attacked by the paranoid Ashkenazi, who became paranoid and Zionist, on account of the pogroms of anti-Semitic Christian Zionists personalities who intend as soon as the partnership of convenience is over, all those clinging to Judaism will be tossed into a lake of what will almost certainly amount to man-made nuclear fire

All this came about because of Jewish Zionist paranoia of living in countries with a majority Christian Zionists and history of pogroms, yet are (for reasons of the social psychology phenomena of inter-generational violence) behaving towards the Arabs like the Christian Zionists had treated them, in turn setting up the present cycle of anti-Palestinian pogroms, based on behaviors Jews learned from Christians, now on a scale of nukes & nations

It only gets more ridiculous:

The Sephardic Jews who¦#39;d relocated to Israel as a result of fallout in the Arab world from Zionist policies are 2nd class citizens- pointing to the anti-Semitic tendencies of the conservative Ashkenazi Jews, a race based oxymoron of Jewish anti-Semitism. This is obviously as clear as it is ludicrous and self destructive, when a Jewish person in Israel cannot be equal, because this Jew has the appearance, language and customs of an Arab

Inter-generational hate and violence is a known and understood phenomena of social psychology. Many people have not risen above this malevolent infection of the psyche that is imbued in a very literal sense of the Torah or Pentateuch: ¦#39;the child inherits the sins of the father¦#39; (or the sins of a xenophobic & nationalist stepfather)

Relating to this inter-generational violence, is it not necessarily the responsibility of national leaders to stand up and state to the Israelis, whether the leaders of Russia, Germany or Spain, examples given, ¦#39;do not treat the Muslim as our Christian has treated the Jew¦#39;

Responsible leadership would demonstrate responsible attitudes in relation to the acts of nations. And crucial, is that nation which had transgressed most egregiously in historic times should demonstrate this courage to again confront the worst of these infantile and irrational behaviors, if only to remind the USA, not only Israel, do not dare to go down this road, do not dare to become the NAZIs

But no, official Germany prefers a policy of 'tail between legs with head in the sand.' So I am coming around to Grass making the statement despite his history
18:28 April 8, 2012 by derExDeutsche
Not much has Changed in Germany.
19:19 April 8, 2012 by ITAMAR
Ronald West

So much imaginary nonesense and lies which have nothing to do with the reality and the situation in Israel, you can sell it just to the Arabs.

Israel is an open and free country people and journalists know exactly what happen here to good or to bad.

19:34 April 8, 2012 by Ronald_West
Itamar a.k.a. 'Israel' wrote

"So much imaginary nonesense and lies"

Tell that to the Jews at 'Jews Against the Occupation"


and read 'No Snowflake in an Avalanche" by Mikey Weinstein


And have a lovely new week ;)
20:30 April 8, 2012 by Lenny1941
Ronald West,

Itamar lives in Israel, so he has first hand experience about the ongoing hostilities such as rocket attacks etc. Middle East realities.

Others can make up their opinion by reading all kind of information sources or better traveling to Israel and neighboring countries.

Anyway it is very hard to neglect the fact that Mr Grass poem is most welcomed in Iran, which openly denying Holocaust and Neo Nazis.

Mr. Grass might not look like an anti-semites to many, but many anti-Semites increasingly look like him. And God knows what else he is going to reveal in poetry. We suspects that now when he is done with the Jews, it will be something about how wrong the post war arrangement is i.e. Poland and Check territories ...
22:36 April 8, 2012 by Ronald_West

Saying "Itamar lives in Israel" so he has first hand knowledge is like saying 'George Bush lives in Texas' so he has first hand knowledge .. but perhaps both will tell you only what they want you to think ..

This link is an excellent first hand account of life in the West Bank by a visiting professor


If you follow my comments through this entire series of articles, you will see I have consistently pointed out the problem is political cowardice and it should have been others [like the German president, not Grass] to bring the debate to even handedness. Yes, Iran has serious leadership problems but Israel is no saint
23:13 April 8, 2012 by vonSchwerin
Grass has a legal right to say whatever is wants, but he is so annoying that I'd like to ban him from Germany!
02:52 April 9, 2012 by Prufrock2010
Grass has started an important dialogue in Germany, and that is a good thing. As for his comments in his "poem," I am in complete agreement. Now if only Germans would shed their collective guilt and look at the current situation rationally, maybe some good could come of this.
08:07 April 9, 2012 by mos101392
As an ex American soldier who happens to also live in Germany, I find the Israeli warmongers scary. This poet just spoke the truth and now he's slammed for it...and naturally if you are a German and you say anything negative, you're branded a NAZI! Well. I'm not a German and I'm not a NAZI, I was born and raised in southern California and I agree with him 100%.

Maybe Israel wants a "PREEMPTIVE" strike now against this poet. It appears that if you say anything negative about Israel, or speak your mind, Israel want's you dealt with.

I am also disgusted with Netanyahu coming to my country and begging Obama to go to war with Iran. Even worse, coming to America and speaking at a public gathering of American Jews trying to get their support! Reminds me of old videos of Adolph Hitler waving his fist in the air at public gatherings and seeing the audience foaming at the mouth.

It's almost incomprehensible of him to even suggest a "PREEMPTIVE" strike against Iran. Does he not know that Americans are tired of war? I think this shows just how much he cares about America and Americans.

As Ron Paul told Piers Morgan, a "PREEMPTIVE" strike is aggression. ..plain and simple. From the receiving end, how should Iran view this?

I know the Isreali people don't want war and if Israel convinces America to strike first, well, just don;t come banging on my door to join your war. I'm not fighting Israel's wars,

Plain and Simple!!!!!!!!!!

Isreal has a right to exist but not to keep building and building on Palestinian land. If you push an animal in a corner, it will eventually bite back!

12:19 April 9, 2012 by Sayer
Being banned from travel to Israel is a badge of honor. Wear it with pride Mr. Grass!

@mos101392 I would suggest you check out Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Marine and Head of the US Army War College. He and you would have lots to talk about when it comes to fighting wars for a foreign country. Especially after what this "special friend" has done to the US and its people. 'Semper Fi'
13:25 April 9, 2012 by captainkidd
Grass is an idiot. He says that Israel plans to annihilate Iran. Does Israel have nuclear weapons? probably. but it has refrained from using them. in so many wars with its Arab neighbours- Israel has used only conventional weapons and suffered many casualties as a result. Israel will only use nuclear weapons as a last resort.

When Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons Israel began to warn the scientists (many European) not to participate. When this was not enough-Israel sent fighter bombers and bombed the nuclear reactor to put back the program. this was a surgical strike and there were few if any Iraqui casualties. In one suicide bombing- Shiite against Sunni or vice versa, Iraquis kill more Iraquis than Israel ever did- yet

Israel is the villain. Once Iran started to develop the atom bomb- Israel started to warn the scientists. When they didn't listen- Mossad started to assassinate a few, including a few In Tehran. they still aren't listening. so it will repeat the air raids against Iran. they will be clinical, surgical strikes against the nuclear facilities and there will be few Iranian casualties- the Iranian government has killed more Irainians during the Green revolution demonstrations- yet Grass fears this terrible holocaust the Israel is preparing against Iran.

In one day in Homs, Assad kills more Syrian demonstrators, than Israel ever will.

And yet Grass is silent about Syria.
14:35 April 9, 2012 by ITAMAR
Sayer:"Being banned from travel to Israel is a badge of honor. Wear it with pride Mr. Grass!"

In Israel every German who was born before the 2WW and was 17 years old in wars time need a Visa to enter the country, Israel check the history of that man before he get a permision to come, the people who murdered our families are not wanted.all the rest young people who has nothing to do with that war are wellcome.

The only death penalty by law in Israel is not versus the arab terrorists who kill Israelies but against the Nazies and their helpers,


"Isreal has a right to exist but not to keep building and building on Palestinian land. "

I do agree with that but do they really recognize the right of Israel to exsist?betwen 1948-1967 the occupied territories were in their hands, Israel was not there , why did not they build their Palestinian state then?and the answer: because the issue was not Palestinian state but the elimination of Israel,

Why have they rejected the UN resolution 181 which called for the partition of Palestine into 2 states an Arab one and a Jewish one and opened repeated wars to eliminate Israel,why they allways talk on the first part of the resolution 242 of the UN which call for Israel withdrown from all occupied territories but keep silence on the second part which call on the right of Israel to exsist inside secure borders.

Why Abu Abas speaks on the right of Israel to exsist but in the same time on the right of 4 millions Palestinian to return to Israel ,so we have:Jordan with 80% Palestinian population,West bank and Gazza with 100% Palestinian Population , they have declared that no Jew will have the right to leave there,and Israel which will have to recieve 4 millions Palestinians and will demographic become the third Palestinian state.

Why Hamas is talking on the elimination of Israel.

Why in the Palestinian convention =PLO it is written "the goal the revolution is the elimination of Israel and the building of a Palestinian state on its ruins,"and they never changed it even after Helsinki agreements.
14:37 April 9, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
15:36 April 9, 2012 by ITAMAR
Ronald West

I do agree the occupation is bad and must be ended, with that I do not have an argument with "Jews against occupation" the million Dollars question is how to do it? Ariel Sharon has decided to evacuate all settlers and army out from the Gazza strip since then some years has passed and there is NOT ONE WEEK in which we forced to go to the shelter because of the Grad missles firing on my village,they shot on the farmers in Kibbuzim Kissufim,Saad,Ein Hashlosha, they shot on the yellow buses of the children,they do not attack generlly the army because they are getting back,from the mosques in Gazza we hear every friday the prayers and the screams to eliminate us,and Hanie say it clearly on every arab TV station.

These Jews against occupation did want peace as much as I want but the question is do we got a REAL PARTNER WHO REPRESENT ALL PALESTINIAN PEOPLE AND WHOM WE CAN TRUST?
21:01 April 9, 2012 by Peepopaapo
Declaring Guenter Grass as persona non grata is ridiculous and shows us the attitude of the current Israeli goverment towards freedom of speech. The Israeli government keeps on claiming that Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East, but by banning Grass the did not act like a real democracy at all. Instead they should not have taken the possibilty from him to travel to Israel so that the people could discuss with him from face to face.
22:23 April 9, 2012 by Navigator_B
Israeli interior minister Yishai is suggesting that being a child conscript in the Nazi army makes Günter Grass a life-long Nazi. Then why doesn't his government ban Pope Benedict from their country? They allowed the pope to visit in 2009 when Yishai and Grass's other biggest critics (Netanyahu and Liebermann) were all in the same senior government positions as now.
23:17 April 9, 2012 by Lenny1941
Israel and other countries such the United States seem to have a similar legal logic of deciding about who from those who were in the organizations involved in the war atrocities will/won't enter their country.

Unlike the Pope, Mr. Grass unfortunately just shared his explicit nighmare fantasy about Israel delivering a Nuclear strike to Iran, it is the first time ever such libel is put on Israel that never threaten any state with that. In fact Israel has never acknowledged having a Nuclear weapons so Mr. Grass must either be knowing something others don't or just following what his heart kept for so long.

Now Mr. Grass, who I have personally adored as a great writer, is done with the Jews and also have gained all new audience of special followers. It is to be seen who will be his next target - Americans, Russians, Polacks or he will stay focused on the evil he was schooled about long time ago
00:09 April 10, 2012 by Prufrock2010
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
12:53 April 10, 2012 by Sayer
Mordechai Vanunu, still held in Israeli custody, as far back as 1986, released detailed information, and photographs of Israel's nuclear weapons program on British TV. While the official Israeli line is one of "no comment" when it comes to its having nuclear weapons, the facts are available to those who do a little digging. Israel has at its disposal between 200-400 nuclear warheads plus the means of delivering them to anywhere in Europe. That, Jack, as they say, is fact. As is their "Samson Option."

Unlike Iran, which permits IAEA inspections and is a signatory to the NNPT, Israel allows no inspection and has refused US urges to sign the treaty. Their refusal to allow US inspection has been posited for the reason JFK was assassinated. JFK wanted inspections while LBJ did not. He was 'removed.'

For Gunther Grass to say Israel has nukes is not "knowing something others do not." It's saying what other will not, with scientifically verifiable evidence, and eye-witness accounts. The same eye-witness accounts which convicted many at Nuremberg. Face it: Israel is an uncontrolled nuclear armed state. They HAVE nukes and we can prove it. Iran has no nukes and we can prove that too. So, given the fact that Iran hasn't invaded anyone in about three centuries, unlike Israel, who is the real threat to world peace? Gunther Grass has simply stated the politically incorrect obvious in his poem. Hurts, doesn't it? To think your friend was not, all along.
18:15 April 10, 2012 by Prufrock2010
@ The Local --

I'm curious about what terms I "breached" that resulted in my post being deleted. All I posted was a link to a publicly available documentary that can be viewed under the Fair Use Doctrine relating to the Israeli-Palestinian issue and the propaganda that surrounds it. With all the hate speech that's tolerated by The Local on these threads, you'd be hard pressed to persuade me that a simple link that I posted was in breach of anything. Your arbitrary censorship policies are more than annoying.
18:53 April 10, 2012 by ITAMAR

Israel said it will not be the first to use not conventional weapons, Iran minnance to wipe Israel from the map, Israel has no borders dispute with Iran and do not minnance to wipe Iran from yhe map.

Israel has the right to defend its exsistence even if you do not like it.

Vahanuno is a traitor in America he would be finish on electric chair, in Israel he walk in the streets.

Kenndy death has nothing to do with Israel,a pure Palestinian propaganda

Iran is not cooporating with the International Commitie for nuclear energy in Wien,the cooperation is just partial.

And living among 7 Arabs countries who have tried in repeated wars to destroy us I would keep any weapon which can persuade my enemies to forget their dreams
12:04 April 11, 2012 by The Slog
Given the insane plans in Brussels to make it easier for Israeli job seekers and Arab states to flood the EU with more unemployed, I wonder how this Tel Aviv ban on Obersturmbannfuhrer Grass is going to look...

12:47 April 11, 2012 by Sayer
@ITAMAR, please put down the Kool-Aid bottle.

Israel has already tested nuclear and other banned weapons on the Palestinians, although the US takes the cake for that; Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Falluja. Israel is also responsible for the Fukushima fallout....by its own admission with regards to Stuxnet.

Vanunu is not IN America so who cares? He doesn't walk the streets in Israel, he's under house arrest. The Kennedy death has been proven beyond reasonable doubt, a legal condition for conviction in the US. to have been orchestrated by Tel Aviv.

For the record Iran IS cooperating 100% more than Israel is on the NNPT and IAEA inspections. That's an indisputable fact.

And when it comes to 7 Arab countries who seek to destroy "you" might I ask what "you" did during the summer of 1948, in what is known as alnakba.org when thousand of innocent residents were driven from their land and many of them killed, shot in the back as they fled?

Genocide is genocide is genocide, no different than what happened to "you" between 1939-1945. Maybe you missed my point. Those 7 Arab countries, and now most of the entire thinking world, do not hate "you" because you are Jewish. They hate "you" because "you" are murderous criminals, regardless of your beliefs. If "you'd" stop that, then maybe they wouldn't hate "you" so much? Ya think?

Go back and sift out what's propaganda or not, or what's just hasbara that "you" were not supposed to question. You'll be surprised when "you" see what falsehoods scurry out from the rocks you overturn. If "you" think "you" have a right to exist and defend "yourself" then "you'd" better believe that "they" do too, and will retain the right to protect that right. That right is not "yours" alone. And "they're" not afraid to die trying. Are you?
21:11 April 11, 2012 by wavettore
In history, people of the World have always called them: greedy, parasites, masters of lies .... Their sense of guilt follows them everywhere. Do you recognize who they are? In the USA and England, they are protected by TV broadcasts and newspapers, no one would dare to talk about them, such is their influence. Originated from slavery, they always hold hand with the most powerful to feel well protected. Fear and arrogance allow them to only look upward or downward, they are the sworn enemies of Equality. Today the World in turmoil is a sign of their ¦quot;success¦quot;.

You probably already know who they are, but .....

No one should be blamed for being born in a certain area of the World and having learned what was taught since childhood.

It is not a matter of DNA or race.

Instead it is about cultures, or, the foundation of our knowledge.

In historical context, the Epic of King Gilgamesh dating back 4,500 years ago was copied by Moses who wrote the Bible about 1,000 years after Gilgamesh.

Since the time of Moses, the Jewish culture has always provided the role of slave for the ruler of its time. At first for the Pharaohs of Egypt then for the Roman Emperors, more recently for the Royals of England and finally for Bush¦#39;s Masons.

One traditional approach of the Jewish culture is to always befriend and provide benefits for the most powerful in order to obtain financial gain and protection from them. Corruption is its vital organ.

It embodies the role of the middle man, like the eternal second, close to the Strongest but also at a safe distance from the troubles it stirs.

The Jewish culture enjoys our differences like a bratty and spiteful young girl at the park holding hands with her mother. She monkeys around with everyone else because she wants their attention and has something to say about everything she sees. The more she feels protected the more she becomes arrogant. Even in her sense of humor that punctually vilifies other cultures. She finds very amusing to be the judge of everyone.

One peculiarity of this culture is the need to always look up to somebody else and idolize who is ¦quot;better¦quot; (like who is richer or more famous. Who is more……).

That is why the Jewish culture is perfect for the freemasons and for that famed pyramid that would enslave everyone, except One.

21:39 April 11, 2012 by Sayer
To be Jewish is a religious state, not a culture or a race. No different than being Protestant, Muslim or any other faith. Let's not glorify one desert-based story over another. Folks can believe whatever they want...just don't ask taxpayers to fork out to support it, when they don't believe in it. Big believer in a secular state.
22:29 April 11, 2012 by Lenny1941
Just wondering if the libel and hate shown in the messages above are a byproduct or an intention of Mr. Grass poem.

Anyway this will follow him and be a part of his heritage.
13:51 April 13, 2012 by degermark
It will be interesting to watch the tap-dancing from the "peace at any cost" crowd when Iran completes their nuclear bomb and drops it on TelAviv. Think Norway, Belgium, etc., 70 years ago.
14:35 April 13, 2012 by liorabs
may the discovery of cold fusion emerge soon so we wont need fuel fossils any more. And the next generations will then change their minds.
15:38 April 13, 2012 by jabulani
Good for ISRAEL who by its actions demostrate that there is NO DEMOCRACY WHEN IT COMES TO JEWS !! democracy is for the rest of the so call "free world"

same with USA as they have the same "boss"
16:20 April 13, 2012 by aslanleon
There can be peace in the area any time the Pals want it. All they need to do is recognize Israel's right to exist within defensible borders. Why do you blame Israel for this when it is the Pals who have rejected every solution to the problem that has any chance of being instituted? Does Israel have to sign a suicide pact to get the peace of the grave?
16:22 April 13, 2012 by Bruno53
Hate to say this but many Zionist Jews learned a lot from Nazi Germany. As W H Auden once said, "those who have been done evil, do evil to others". Am I right, Mr Netanyahu?
17:52 April 13, 2012 by avihecht
It usually starts verbally pursued by minor skirmishes that lead the authorities to minor actions and if that doesn¦#39;t help it end up with segregating for their own protection, sound familiar?

Where were the Germans all those years harboring past heroes and keeping them as relics to a forgone era they miss so bad…

how much blood is there on Jewish hands?

Indeed, the Jews are at fault since they introduced the truth to a pagan world and trying to survive on a tiny piece of land given to them by a god the whole world believes in…
23:26 April 14, 2012 by DrGideonPolya
Gunter Grass has written a very sensible poem "What must be said".In short Gunter Grass sensibly decries German delivery of submarines to the State of Israel that could be used in a nuclear attack on Iran based on Israeli concerns that Iran is a military threat and a potential nuclear weapons state; expresses concern over potential German participation in an Israeli-adumbrated holocaust of Iranians that threatens the world as a whole; and recommends international inspection of nuclear programmes in both Iran and the State of Israel.

The travel ban placed on Nobel laureate Gunter Grass by Apartheid Israel is par for the course for this race-based, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish anti-Semitic, Nazi-style, nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, Apartheid rogue state - after all, in a process of egregious anti-Jewish anti-Semitism Apartheid Israel has variously detained, imprisoned, deported and/or excluded outstanding anti-racist Jewish writers and scholars such as Professor Norman Finkelstein (sacked from the zero Nobel Laureate (?) Catholic De Paul University at the behest of racist Zionists) , Professor Noam Chomsky (77 Nobel Laureate MIT) and Professor Richard Falk (35 Nobel Laureate Princeton University).

Apartheid Israel not only defames and excludes anti-racist Jews it practises "democracy by genocide" and grossly violates the human rights of Indigenous Palestinians (zero human rights for Occupied Palestinians; 800,000 Palestinian CHILDREN are abusively confined to the Gaza Concentration Cap, 10% are stunted according to Jewish British Labor MP David Milliband; only 6% of 12 million Palestinians can vote for the government ruling all of Palestine, albeit as Third Class citizens under Nazi-style race laws; 6 million Palestinians are not even allowed to step foot in their own country ).

Apartheid Israel also seriously restricts the freedom of speech of Jewish Israelis who I understand face a $100,000 fine if they express support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against genocidal , nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel.

To protect anti-racist Jews, all anti-racists, decent values and democracy the racist Zionists should be be sidelined from public life as have been like racists such as the Nazis, neo-Nazis, Apartheiders and KKK i.e. they can say what they like but decent people will no more listen to them than they would to pro-Zionist, racist, neo-Nazi mass murderer Anders Breivik (since 1936 0.1 million Palestinians have been killed and a further 1.9 million have died from invasion-, occupation-, war-, expulsion - and occupation-imposed deprivation; there are 7 million Palestinian refugees).
14:17 April 15, 2012 by Sastry.M
Realities are harsh but truth is always bitter.One has to come to terms with truth with genuine reconciliation of direct experiences by oneself and empathetic forgiveness by others. If the German nation ailed under the Nazis for a decade, the harsh realities that ensued both under dictatorial rule and defeat in ww2, were borne silently by her people with reparations paid for war ravages and compensations paid for crimes against particular victims.This can be accepted because the 'truth' of circumstances which led to the chaos after the fall of the second Reich culminated in a total unconditional surrender under the pulverized debris of the Nazi third.

Again if one decade of national reconstruction between 1945-'55 with harsh realities faced by the people whose salty sweat of brows could be sweetened by hopeful progress achieved , acclaimed as an economic miracle,why does the ailment -now dubbed as "Mitschuld (collective guilt)", be made to hang heavily on conscience of even an un- committed third generation, left to continue?

When Herr Grass began peeling onions silently in 2006, the caustic harshness of scent caused tears in eyes probably obliging to betray his Nazi past. If the Nobel Prize honored literate tried to reconcile with his conscience, see how the disclosure was draped with dubbing over the committed press and what Nobility is left with the Prize.

Read the poem receptively and reflect on content rather than abuse it unilaterally. I feel obliged to agree with the comment of a victor American soldier @#21 to stand up for Truth than 101392 silent Germans, feeling sorry as a Germanophile..
11:41 April 21, 2012 by ITAMAR

let's statrt with your lies and your way to distorte the truth"

1.Israel has never tested a nuclear weapon or used a non conventional weapon aagainst the arabs.

2.Israel has nothing to do with Fukushima faullt,that is a Palestinian blood lebell,

a military group of doctors were sent to help Japanwith surgery rooms doctors and medicines.

3.Vannunu is not under hous arrest , he walks in the streets , but he can not leave the country without police permision,other wise he make a free living here .

4.Israel is responsabile for Kenndy death-another blood lebell of the Palestinians,it does not merit even a serious consideration.

5.Iran is cooperating with Nuclear international commission in Wien,it is a simple lie ,they do not let them see the nuclear center which is digged deeply in the mountain , there they develop their nuclear weapons

6.Al Naqba is your own fault resolution 181 from 29.11.47 called to partition of Palestine into a Jewish state and a Palestinian state you rejected it and open a coordinated war against us in order to eliminate the new Jewish land, you lost the war and the territories ,but you never give up then you try again in 1967 and 1973 all the refuggie are your fault, you kicked out 1 million Jews out the arab lands murder part of them and took their houses and money, we accepted them in Israel, have you ever tried to resolve the refuggie problem in your own countries?

7.the arabs do not hat us as Jew they just want to eliminate our country.

8.We murder arabs? how many Jewish civilians did you murded in the last 64 years?

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