Business Brief: PeterZahlt.de

Business Brief: PeterZahlt.de
If you’re in Germany and make lots of calls abroad, then you can often find yourself saddled with huge bills. PeterZahlt.de is there to help. PeterZahlt.de is a web based telephony service for cheap international calls. It was launched in July 2006 and is a product of 118000 AG.

What’s the concept?

Peterzahlt.de is one of the most popular telephony portals in Germany, offering cheap calls to more than 60 countries all over the world and free calls to German landlines. A headset or software installation is not required and the quality is superior to most internet telephony services.

What’s the vision?

”Peter” and his team have a vision: let the whole world talk to each other. Every month we get a bit closer to that goal: our commited team works hard to continually improve PeterZahlt.de, add new destinations and exciting features.

What’s happening right now?

Well, first there’s Mother´s Day! Mother’s day in Germany is actually in May, but in Britain all mothers will be honoured on March 18th. Using PeterZahlt you may call UK numbers for free on March 17th and 18th and talk for as long as you like. Your mother will be thrilled, and you don’t have to be afraid of a costly phone call.

OK, but I’m Irish!

March 17th is St. Patricks Day and a national holiday in Ireland (and an excuse for a party for everyone sympathizing with Ireland and Guiness). The day will be marked with parades not only in Ireland but also in New York, Boston, New Orelans and Munich. Here you can also meet strange green gremlins dancing to the music. To get you into the right mood please watch Seven Drunken Nights from The Dubliners.

Using PeterZahlt you can also have your friends sing this song personally for you. As often as you like. On March 17th and 18th you can call Ireland for free around the clock.

What is your biggest-selling product?

Cheap Calls is an application for smartphones. You can use it to make really cheap, sometimes even free calls to international destinations.

Weblinks: www.cheapcalls.de