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British army may park tanks on the Rhine

The Local · 7 Mar 2012, 16:33

Published: 07 Mar 2012 16:33 GMT+01:00

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According to reports in The Guardian, The Telegraph and Die Welt newspapers, the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) may re-locate thousands of military tanks, carriers and cars in the Rhineland as it sells a huge complex in Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, where 6,000 vehicles are stored and repaired.

The ministry is being forced to cut its budget by eight percent by 2015 – which means saving £33.8 billion (€40.5 billion) this year.

Despite the Guardian’s claim that the MoD’s logistics planners have already “plumped for” the Ayrshire Barracks near Mönchengladbach as an ideal spot, Mike Whitehurst of the British Forces Germany denies that any final decision has been taken.

“I wouldn’t be led too much by media speculation,” Whitehurst told the Local. “As with all these things, there is some serious decision-making going on about the use of military estate. The vehicle depot in the UK may or may not be sold, but there are quite a lot of vehicle depots in the UK, and it is likely that the vehicles could be distributed elsewhere.”

What makes the plan all the odder is that the British military has already declared that it will vacate Germany, though the Ayrshire Barracks will be retained as a vehicle depot. Currently, around 300 people work at the logistics site in the Rhineland.

Critics have expressed concern that the move could leave the UK short in an emergency. Plus, the MOD is yet to calculate the considerable cost of shipping fleets of tanks across Europe.

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“Moving so many vehicles to Germany would be quite a feat, especially any tanks," David Willey, curator of a UK tank museum, told The Guardian. "You can only get one on every loader. Taking them to Germany would be quite expensive, and they need to be kept in a very secure environment because they have systems that the military need to protect."

“It is just media speculation at the moment,” insisted Whitehurst. “I mean, ask yourself logically what would be the purpose?”

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Your comments about this article

18:14 March 7, 2012 by Englishted
Hope the drive them slowly through France just to remind them ,of what we and the other allies did for them . Twice.
20:10 March 7, 2012 by Redwing
I hope you are right, Mango Chutney, oh, pardon, Chango Mutney. I don't want all those tanks dumped in my country. Though I hate the sight of all things military, the tanks should be kept in this country, even if it were only up the road from my house.
20:47 March 7, 2012 by klaus stoiber
British and American troops must leave Germany. What are you still doing here? Get out is what I say.
21:34 March 7, 2012 by bramblebush
@ Klaus Stoiber

Perhaps they like the beir?
22:01 March 7, 2012 by coffejohn
Do`s Germany go in for clamping?
22:12 March 7, 2012 by MIKE LOUGHNANE
most of there tanks are junk, melt them down and export the steel to china
22:19 March 7, 2012 by Ecurie Ecosse01
May be Angie can hired them as they are placed in Monchengladbach, to scare the Dutchies and stop them going back totheir Guilders.
02:31 March 8, 2012 by nemo999
What a novelty either a used British tank market or a British tank scrap yard in Germany. I wonder will they take Euro?

PS. Klaus we are trying to leave, two brigades and one fighter squadron down, one brigade, and two Air Wings and a one support corp to go, just be patient.
08:01 March 8, 2012 by cassandra777
Use them as breakwater barriers along the Atlantic coast.
09:19 March 8, 2012 by design
Klaus Its so you never get any ideas..
12:54 March 8, 2012 by Michael R
@Englishted...the Second World War ended almost 70 years ago. Everyone has moved on since then except certain little Englanders, who watch Dam Busters every fort night .
12:56 March 8, 2012 by MrAlfisti
Klaus - perhaps we should bulldoze the thousands of houses/flats etc we've built and plan to hand over to the German state as we leave?
12:59 March 8, 2012 by jg.
"British and American troops must leave Germany. What are you still doing here? Get out is what I say."

Funny how we didn't hear stuff like this when the wall was up and the Soviet union had a load of their tanks and aircraft the other side of it.

Anyway, no worries Klaus - the Brits will have left by 2015, along with the 1.5 billion Euros spent by BFG in Germany every year.
18:16 March 8, 2012 by Englishted
@Michael R

If everybody has "moved on" then why are there so many stories about neo -nazis here week in week out.

Also if you don't believe there is still anomosity between France and the U.K you don't keep wvery abreast of the news do you.

It may have moved on and of this I am glad but that does not mean it should be forgotten there are people still alive who were involved and lost people in WW2 my mother for one.
19:32 March 8, 2012 by DOZ
Maybe they can sell them to Canada sight unseen, like they did with the Subs that are still in Dry Dock
00:22 March 9, 2012 by chewstroke
Chewstroke.com had some quotes from the british PM that were not very kind about Germany....
07:03 March 9, 2012 by Petew
Klaus, they originally came to liberate you, then protect you.
09:14 March 9, 2012 by Michael R
@englishted...certain aspects within the printed media keep on flogging WW2 because this sort of sensationalism creates increased sales and money .Your argument is rubbish. What about all the British Nazis and Islamic extremists?

The issues you keep reading about are mainly from the Sun and the other gutter press and sometimes the generally anti Europe brigade within the Times and Telegraph.

As a teacher of MFL I hear ignorant yobs saying I don't want to learn German because we had a war with them.My response is ..with whom haven't you had a war with?

WW2 will never be forgotten, it shows up on TV every other night since its the last time the British won something. My family on my mothers side suffered as well but don't feel the need to post nationalistic diatribes or other populist drivel.

You must enjoy living in the past. Why don't you consider posting your out of context bitterness in the Sun,or the Mail.These publications are much better suited for readers with "little Englander syndrome".
16:03 March 9, 2012 by Englishted
@Michael R

"last time the British won something"

So you true colours surface after all the flannel.

But please do tell to which European country you would go that has not had a war in it's history.

And I still hold that France has never shown the thanks it should have for the liberation at great cost in lives to the allies.
17:24 March 9, 2012 by Michael R
@englisgted...."And I still hold that France has never shown the thanks it should have for the liberation at great cost in lives to the allies."

I moved from Los Angeles to London and lived there for 15 years and have a load of affection for English people, and numerous friends there. These sorts of English have second homes in France and most of them enjoy there time there.The second WW2, allthough not forgotten, is simply no longer part of their daily lives.I simply feel that this isn't the right forum for such grievances.

I have also lived in the south of France were I was treated wonderfully in spite of the American Republican right wingers claiming that the French hate us.I now live in Berlin, and am enjoying more adventures in the new improved capitol.From my experience most of us have moved on from that dark page in history, and don't spend time watching reruns of Dambusters or Colditz. Surely you can see my point about sounding chauvinistic about events that happened so long ago, especially at this time in history when most of us are singing from the same hymn sheet.
16:00 March 10, 2012 by florence
Some of the comments have really shocked me.

I have been lucky enough to live as a a 'guest' in this wonderful Country for many years.

We cannot forget our History but please let us put any talk about World Wars behind us and move on. We all wish it hadn't happened.

Yes we all have parents or possibly grand-parents who were involved but those of us who have lived in Germany for a long time have made life long friends within the German Community and I for one will be very sorry to leave when the time comes.

I have lived in a street in a quiet town in Germany for a very long time. Most people happily smile and say hello, but one family has ignored us from the time we moved in. Thats life I guess. I accept they don't like us being here. I still smile and live in hope that one day we might speak a few words. Perhaps they will say Goodbye when we move out next year ! I do hope most people are a bit more tolerant than Klaus.
17:07 March 10, 2012 by Englishted
@Michael R,

Fair enough ,my first comment was only meant lightheartedly and things got a little out of hand.

I also live in Germany and am still waiting for the re-runs of Colditz and the Dambusters (do know the tune though),I would also point out if I may that living in London is not the best place to meet "normal " English and I can say without any fear that the majority don't have a second home never mind one in the south of France (wonderful land with great wine and food ).

Try going North of London to meet the real natives.
17:24 March 10, 2012 by Northshore
British out, Americans out NOW. The French left when they had a treaty, the Russians left when they went broke and the Germans wrote them a fat check. C'mon American Bankruptcy! When your troops are eating cat food, go home!
12:07 March 11, 2012 by Big L
The English still believe they are an international force, although they cannot even build a wooden toilet without the Indians and Germans having to show them how to. Just think of Jaguar, Land Rover, the Mini, Rolls Royce to name a few examples.

While they dream on, Germany will be soon rich enough to buy their bankrupt island, flatten everything and donate the land to the church. Bye the way, I am not German, I am just sick and tired of the English criticism of Germany as if we still live in 1940...
19:06 March 11, 2012 by Michael R
@Big L... I couldn't agree with you more ! There is a large element within English society that is obsessed with associating Germany ONLY with WW2 ! This is pure hatred prompted by economic jealousy and fuming about losing to Germany in Football ( Soccer)

@Englishted ..Peace Bro!

I did spend a year and and a half in Exeter..and 6 years in Essex near Stansted. The people with the second homes I was referring to are teachers like myself...
06:58 March 12, 2012 by DepotCat
I wonder how the re-make of the Dambusters is coming along?
10:49 March 12, 2012 by florence
There is such hatred coming out on this board !

It is insulting to say the English can't build anything anymore.

Perhaps this is the time to remind everyone how 'English' is everywhere' here in Germany at the moment. Just look in the shops. Slogans on T shirts etc.

When I was on holiday a short while ago. It wasn't German that was being spoken. Everyone seemed to communicate in English, including the German guests.

I love Germany and I also love England (sometimes !!!) Now lets try and get on together PLEASE !
16:41 March 13, 2012 by Lionel Tiger
As an Englishman, I can't quite work out why our army is looking at keeping our tanks in Germany. I think it is largely an economic one. I can only suggest to Germans the benefits of being host, and if it was more expensive to store equipment in Germany than elsewhere, it probably wouldn't be a feasible option. I also think that it is probably a status quo thing, as the sites are already established, and the problem of creating new alternative sites doesn't have to be found. But yes, I see your point, we need to move on from the horrors of World War Two. Please be assured that 99% of Brits don't have an obsession with war movies like the Dam Busters. Personally, I'm not a great fan of the recent popularity of the "Keep calm and carry on" slogan. It's pretty harmless really, but to me it doesn't really have any meaning.
10:49 March 14, 2012 by Louis Prince
Why are the Brittish so smug. If you have a brain, you will reallise that the Brittish did not have a chance, in the WW2, but the Allied forces won the war the Brittish were a small part of that. Without America or Russia, not both, if only one of them did not take part in that war the germans would easily have won. If you think the Brittish are better than anybody else, just read your own history, its a history of rape and murder, I don,t have time for a people that has pride in the most disgusting past of any nation. But again its a country with a bleak future so what else is there to pin your mind to.....
00:10 April 22, 2012 by MRSTARFIGTER
Nibiru will be visible by Dec. 2012. The pole shift has begun already, it proves the UK will be a goner soon. Everyone watch John Moore What the Government is not telling you, also Nibirushock2012 the first 2 videos.
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