Müller and Pepsi unite to bring Yanks yoghurt

Müller and Pepsi unite to bring Yanks yoghurt
Photo: DPA
The Theo Müller company, Germany’s biggest dairy, has announced it was joining forces with American beverage giant Pepsi to sell yoghurt products in the United States.

Müller, which makes the popular Müller Milch milk drinks and Weihenstephan yoghurt, will invest an estimated €150 million with PepsiCo to develop and market milky treats for US consumers. No date has yet been set for when the joint venture’s products will hit supermarket shelves.

The project is the next step in Müller’s plan for global expansion, which up until now have not had a presence in America.

“We already have a strong positions in Britain and Germany and now the focus is on the USA,” said Müller CEO Heiner Kamps to the food magazine Lebensmittel Zeitung.

Americans’ lower per capita consumption of yoghurt made the United States the perfect target for expansion, strategists at Müller decided.

The German firm recently purchased the large British dairy Robert Wiseman, building its on the presence of its UK subsidiary – Müller Dairy UK – which was established in 1987.

The Theo Müller company is the biggest private dairy in Germany, with 16,000 staff and an average yearly profit of €3.5 billion.

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