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Young German men wary of being hairy

The Local · 23 Feb 2012, 07:23

Published: 23 Feb 2012 07:23 GMT+01:00

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Of the 900 men over the age of 14 were questioned for the Apotheken Umschau pharmacy magazine, 29 percent admitted to shaving body parts other than their face.

But the survey showed that the trend for hair-removal was most popular among Germans under 29, with over 50 percent of them regularly striving for smooth skin.

On average, under arms were the baldest bits in the 14 to 29 age bracket, with 43.3 percent of young men admitting to regularly shaving their pits.

Second on the list was pubic hair, which over 27 percent of young men said they liked to keep either trimmed or completely shaved. In at third place, with 22.2 percent, was the chest and stomach area.

The area that young Germans said they were least bothered about keeping hair-free were their legs, with barely 10 percent said they regularly attempted to control unruly fuzz.

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Your comments about this article

10:35 February 23, 2012 by euan.dykes
Where has this whole hairless trend come from? I think it's being pushed by cosmetic companies in order for men to consume more of their product. If you look at any trend today, there's someone out there making a lot of money from it. Of cause no one is telling men to become hairless, it's all done through girls magazines (which young men also read) and the photos of apparently hot hairless blokes. Really it just illustrates how shallow people are becoming and how easy their minds now are to control.
10:48 February 23, 2012 by Johnne

Thank you very very much. Those cosmetic companies are becoming more and more successful in feminising men and some of us won´t just fall for it! They should leav us alone. We shave our beared, some of us shave armpits and one or two other areas I won´t mention here (it´s every man´s choice) but I think all these feminism and men wanting to look/behave like women is getting to much. Thank God that there are still a lot of women out there that want REAL men.
12:47 February 23, 2012 by Omufu
Too true. Seriously? Your armpits? Guys, really. This is where Hugh Jackman does us a favour :D
13:29 February 23, 2012 by Sastry.M
Technical abuse of nature's creation? Commensurate with predominantly Nitrogenous atmosphere of the Earth, nature probably created 'hairy' forms of living creatures. The human form, irrespective of gender, is equipped with natural body hairs upon reaching adolescence, as if to symbolize bodily maturity as well as increased skin area with a common minimum program of unknown definition. Men are of projective nature of mind consciousness while women are of possessive nature to promote procreative sustenance of species.

The beard and mustache of men symbolize the former prerogative left to their choice while the rest including the male gendered body is the propriety of feminine mother. If cosmetic market and business promotion is the prime concern, the distorting greed of such projective mind sees no concern with its cancerous ( = of ever growing multiplication) desires oblivious to nature's real intentions. In due course of time, one may even doubt how human form exactly looks like and what is the ultimate purpose of its existential definition.
13:42 February 23, 2012 by jg.
They forgot to ask about hairy backs or palms.
15:21 February 23, 2012 by Pip38
Must book my self in for a sack back and crack
16:32 February 23, 2012 by Tanskalainen
Is this an anti-Greek thing?
17:37 February 23, 2012 by Deutschguy
I think it's because their girlfriends prefer not so much hair, which may or may not be due to seeing hot guy models in mags and film who are hairless.

Regarding shaving "down there", trimming the brush around a tree makes the tree look taller ;-)
18:47 February 23, 2012 by Wise Up!
Just wished the women in Europe shaved their armpits!!
19:26 February 23, 2012 by Larry Thrash
I'm a member of a large fitness club here in San Antonio, Texas where it's rare to see a male with hair anywhere on their body (except head).
20:42 February 23, 2012 by Jerr-Berlin
To Deutschguy...

it's just the German Aryan women who seem to have problem...most women outside of the Fatherland seem to think that dudes like Sean Connery, Hugh Jackman etc are pretty sexy...it's definitely an Aryan thing eh...
21:59 February 23, 2012 by ovalle3.14
This trend comes from Scandinavia, be aware!
23:14 February 23, 2012 by murka
How do you shave a hairy back?
18:14 February 24, 2012 by MikeJarosz
have a friend do it
19:32 February 24, 2012 by Sam Stewart
Hell, I shave my chest, arm pits, intim area and my butt and I am 52! Ever gone down on someone and come up with hair in your teeth????? Do you know what I mean??????
20:07 February 24, 2012 by raandy
Fuzzy wassy was a bear fuzzy wassy had no hair fuzzy wassy wasn't fuzzy wass he?
01:10 February 25, 2012 by Deutschguy
And then Sam Stewart tells us more than we wanted to know (so explicitly). I hope you have a steady hand!
04:42 February 25, 2012 by volvoman9
This is just another silly fashion trend. Nothing uglier than bald pussy.

@Sam Stewart .. the last sound one hears before a pubic hairs hits the floor... the sound of one trying to spit it out.
05:12 February 25, 2012 by countgregor
I haven't lost much hair on my head, but my private parts have almost gone bald. What is a 59 year old divorcee to do? Please advise.
20:58 February 25, 2012 by Elderking
How gay....
02:39 February 26, 2012 by Lisa Rusbridge
Males of the Islam faith shave their hair south of the belt line for religious reasons. It's nice to see that at least the young German males are evolving to accept the Muslim people and adopting their traditions of faith.
19:04 February 27, 2012 by willowsdad
@Lisa. Yes, maybe next we'll see young German men evolving to the point where they kill or maim their sisters or daughters for having sex...
19:28 February 27, 2012 by Lisa Rusbridge
@ willowsdad. My comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously as I'm certain yours was not either. However in case you are serious then I'm sure the German judicial system will punish those criminals with a stern lecture and a firm slap on the wrist.
08:09 February 28, 2012 by Sastry.M
The present trends of fashion go to show how far human minds are infatuated with corrupted specters of virtual distortion, far removed from dire necessities of rational creation. The above comments bear witness to reported occurrences in news media.

Waiving vulgarity of outlook and lending a serious consideration to technicalities, the hairy matrices that are created congenitally as well as those that develop consequent to the onset of adolescent puberty on human bodies, the real purpose of Nature's intent has never been scientifically explored. The periods of cellular follicle formation, sprouting growth above skin staying for a time and falling out in decay in a renewed cyclic precess are scientifically studied and named as 'Anagen'. 'Catagen' and 'Telogen' stages of hair display. Noting however, that only human beings are conscious of "Time" dimension, the periodic appearance commensurate, probably to biological necessities of human body, the hairy matrix structures of different textures programmed into arm pits, pubic girdle as well also covering different skin areas in thicker cellular appearance should be investigated from both scientific and spiritual angles

Also worthy of note is the development of hairs fashioned to the natural aesthetics of male and female gendered human bodies as if in a common minimum requirement, reaching age of puberty.

If one questions the spiritual aspect apart from scientific explanations, we readily observe that children at this age meet the dithering aspect of natural love or personal hate for and against symbolic hair of physical maturity.

If hate is created or promoted with an exploitation of natural or inculcated shameful diffidence, the Beauty Parlor advertisements stand testimony to the truth of growing luxurious hair on bald plate heads and methods of permanent removal on all other parts.
12:37 February 28, 2012 by canadianinberlin
Sastry.M you've stated in scientific jargon exactly what I have been thinking since noticing this trend years ago. It has nothing to do with spirituality (Islamic influence), it has to do with delaying adolescence, at least artificially. My view on the trend is divided.

And yes, I agree with volvoman9 that there is nothing uglier than a (upwards of 40-year-old) woman in the gym changeroom with a bald pussy. (or sporting a thong and bending over, but that's a different story) I mean really. What are they advocating? Worse are the Hitler-mustashio-styled pussies that make it reeeeeaaaal hard to stifle a guffaw.
15:31 February 28, 2012 by Sastry.M

I acknowledge your similarity of view regarding the modern trends.The aesthetic aspect is entirely a personal issue and might be tied up to religious,ethnic and other sociological constraints. However, human biological maturity is uniquely displayed with hairy symbolism which is common to both gender, probably supporting functional needs as well as a singular power of sexual attraction, irrespective of individual personal temperaments.

Hence I suspect that recommending depilation of adolescent hair with a concerted chorus of false aesthetic Ads may not artificially delay onset of puberty. The deleterious development of emotional trends observed presently with heinous crimes of abuse and homicide against female motherhood is really shocking with women reduced to in all conceivable avenues of commercial exploitation. Surmise this with an alarming reduction of birth rate in developed countries, abuse at work places, increase in emotions attached to arbitrarily set values and above all common place cancerous growths.
15:06 February 29, 2012 by canadianinberlin

Sorry, it was much later that I realized writing "delaying adolescence" when I meant "delaying adulthood" or "arresting adolescence", I blended the two to come up with the above. I came back here to acknowledge this mistake.
04:24 March 1, 2012 by Sastry.M

I acknowledge your reply with thanks but I do not really consider your opinion as any mistake. If we implicitly accept ourselves as part natural creation along with other living species on earth, we see only human beings aspiring for something and inquisitive to know and possess that which our minds consider fashionable and amusing while all others live and die in a natural process.

Thus we find no mistake in your expressed opinion because both adolescence and adulthood are but natural processes of reaching physical maturity. Granted all specialties by God to human beings, the highly evolved mind faculties can be easily confounded and misled in realizing between True and Virtual realities. Usually we choose the latter and suffer for the former through fashion fads.
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